SQL PASS Summit Focus Groups

This year during the PASS Summit we (Microsoft) will be conducting a bunch of focus groups. This is a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with folks from the SQL Server team and impart your knowledge on them. You can find a list of Focus Groups here along with a description of each and instructions for registering.

All focus groups will be held at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center during the hours of the conference.

This year I’m moderating a focus group called Technology Trends & the DBA. The description of the session is:

This moderated session will explore the current state of deploying and managing SQL Server within the Enterprise and discuss how trends like commodity hardware, virtualization, cloud computing (public & private), and compliance & auditing requirements are changing the way IT uses technology to bring business value and how these change the role of the DBA.

You guys are the rock stars of the database industry and I want to learn how your job is changing and what we in the product group can do to address these changes. It’s also a chance for you to network with others and hear how technology is changing their environment.

If you’re interested in attending my focus group please email Mark Stempski. We have two time slots:

  • Wednesday (11/10) from 11:30-1:00pm
  • Thursday (11/11) from 1:00-2:30pm

Space is limited so sign-up today!