Windows Live Mesh

I recently started using Windows Live Mesh to synchronize files between multiple machines. This software is so cool and so useful I just can’t say enough good things about it. In addition to sharing files with yourself you can setup folders to share files with others. Sharing files on the web has been around for a long time but this is the cleanest implementation I’ve seen where I don’t even have to launch a browser – once I’ve installed the client. I can do everything from within Windows (or Mac). But, if I’m away from my machine I can still access my files from any browser. It does require that everyone you want to share with have a Windows Live Id – no big deal. I found the installation a snap and within just a few minutes I was sharing and synchronizing files between two machines. It also has remote desktop capabilities although I haven’t tried those yet. There’s also a 5GB space limit. So far that’s no biggie either.

I have zero patience for complicated and crappy software. Live Mesh passes both tests. It was very simple to get up and running and what it does it does very well. Kudos to the team that built-it! I just wish I had this stuff when I was doing my under-grad and graduate degrees. It would have made group projects so much easier. Oh I almost forgot, you can also access it from your mobile. I still use a dumb phone but this just may be the reason I upgrade to a smart phone.