Duet 1.5 SP3 install issues and considerations

The goal of this post is to provide a quick list of the important Duet 1.5 SP3 installation issues that need to be understood when planning for a production rollout.

Troubleshooting Duet client install errors

Duet Upgrade 1.5 SP2 to SP3 fails on non English clients

Duet 1.5 SP3 - Users may be prompted to select an Outlook profile even if the Profile Selection policy has been set

Duet install of SQL Express fails if MSXML 6 Service Pack 2 (KB954459) is installed

Duet is not supported on a computer that has Exchange System Manager (ESM) installed

Duet Client Installation Fails Due to .NET Installation/Upgrade Failure

Current supportability of Duet 1.5 and Windows 2008 R2