How do I get rid of this error?

On a Duet client, an error message may appear when attempting to compose a new email.  Here is the pop-up error that is displayed:

Title: Custom UI Runtime Error in Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP v 1.5 Text: Error found in Custom UI XML of "Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP v 1.5": Line: 1 Column: 122 Error Code 0x80004005 Unknown Office control ID: Reply

Typically, users will not see this unless they have enabled an advanced option in Outlook.  That option can be found in Tools|Options|Other Tab and then click Advanced Options.  In that dialog, there is an option labeled “Show add-in user interface errors”.

Uncheck that option and this pop-up will go away.  Here is a snip of that dialog to show where the option is:

Outlook Advanced Options dialog box

Happy Dueting!