Printing Duet Outlook items also includes bound item data


When printing a Outlook item that is also a Duet bound item(i.e. Leave Request) from within the Outlook client, all of the bound item data is printed out along with the standard Outlook fields.  This results in multiple pages of non-readable metadata being printed out along with the details of the Outlook item.

For example a Duet Contact item:


The current suggestion that is documented in the Duet 1.5 Admin guide recommends that you do not print out bound items in Outlook, due to this limitation in Duet.  This problem currently occurs in all versions of Duet prior to 1.5 SP2.


This is targeted to be resolved in Duet 1.5 SP2.  The fix will be that none of the bound item’s metadata is printed when the item is printed from Outlook.