"Property 'SAP__Origin' is invalid"


After using DuetConfig.exe with the -ImportBdc command to import models into SharePoint, you may see the following error in the SAP logs when trying to use Duet Enterprise functionality:

"Property 'SAP__Origin' is invalid"


The LsiUrl value used when importing the model into SharePoint was not correct. The LsiUrl was missing the required multi-origin ( ;mo ) identifier which routes the request to the SAP service that expects the 'SAP__Origin' property that is being sent with the Duet Enterprise request from SharePoint.


Remove and re-import the models using the correct LsiUrl syntax as documented in "Table 2" of the Duet Enterprise 2.0 SAP Configuration Guide:

For example, here are the URLs for Workflow:

LSI URL for Workflow:


LSI URL for Subscription:


Here is an example of a correct ImportBbc command for Workflow:

DuetConfig.exe -ImportBdc -FeatureName Workflow -LsiUrl https://SAPGATEWAY.domain.com:8001/sap/opu/odata/IWWRK/DUET\_WORKFLOW\_CORE;mo;c=SHAREPOINT\ -BdcServiceApplication "Business Data Connectivity Service" -UserSubLsiUrl https://SAPGATEWAY.domain.com:8001/sap/opu/odata/IWBEP/SUBSCRIPTIONMANAGEMENT;v=2;mo;c=SHAREPOINT\_D