The Duet SystemTray process may not run

After installing the Duet client, a user may notice that the Duet System Tray process does not start.  Upon further investigation, it may be observed that attempting to manually start the Duet System Tray that it immediately stops.  There are no errors logged in the event log nor is there any temp files created in the %temp% directory. 

The Cause?

One of the first things that we do in our main initialization code is to check to see if the user’s domain matches the computer name.  If it does, we recognize that this is not a “Domain” login, but a local logon.  We only support domain accounts for authentication.  This typically happens when a user creates a local logon that matches the domain credentials, and they use that rather than logging into the domain. 

We are investigating adding some additional logging to indicate that the user this condition to avoid any confusion as to why the Duet System Tray is not starting properly.