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Using node-tail to Stream VSTS Log Output

I have not done much with Typescript, JavaScript, node.js, etc. I've been much more involved in the...

Author: j.seghers Date: 08/01/2018

Creative Prototyping in Unity

My colleague Alex Bennett and I gave a talk at the Unite 2016 conference in Los Angeles about how we...

Author: j.seghers Date: 12/02/2016

Multitouch Event System for Unity 5.5 (and 5.3, 5.4)

I mentioned in my first post about Unity Multitouch processing that the 5.5 beta is making some...

Author: j.seghers Date: 11/15/2016

Multitouch Event System for Unity 5.4.x

NOTE: I now have a version for Unity 5.3 and 5.4 which use reflection to integrate with...

Author: j.seghers Date: 11/04/2016

Multitouch Event System for Unity

I get to play with some cool toys on the Envisioning team such as Surface Hub and other large...

Author: j.seghers Date: 10/31/2016

Who I Am and What I Am Writing About

I am currently a developer on the Office Experience Organization (OXO) Envisioning team. We are a...

Author: j.seghers Date: 10/20/2016