Introducing Scott Fellman

Scott is a Support Escalation Engineer (SEE) on my team.  SEEs are the non-bug component of Escalation Services which is "where the buck stops" within Microsoft product support.  He has joined the SharePoint blogging community with a few posts on outlook interop, but Scott works with everything so don't expect to see a trend here.  Scott does a lot of advanced troubleshooting which he will be showcasing on his blog--I am for one looking forward to what else he writes up for us to read.  As an SEE--know that Scott solves the toughest non-bug problems that are presented to Microsoft with regards to SharePoint.  This should give him some rather unique perspective and make some interesting reading that you are not likely to find anywhere else.  The type of work SEEs do keeps them really busy, but I hope you will find that the quality of the content coming from our team is worth the less frequent posts.  Enjoy!