Patching presentation from SPC2008

I have gotten a few requests for the Patching presentation that was done at SPC2008.  You can log in with your MySPC account if you were an attendee and get access to all of the powerpoint files, if you have need for them before the DVD.  If you specifically need the patching one, I annotated each slide with basically what I said--so if you need to re-present it/etc, go ahead.

I did want to say that I had a tremendous time at the conference.  I met some folks face to face that I have worked with for years (you know who you are), which was really quite special for me.  I also met some new faces, MVP/etc, that I am looking forward to continuing to get to know.  It truely was a great conference with a tremendous ammount of useful information and great sessions.  If you want more of a recap of the highlights--I'd encourage you to go read what Joel wrote down over here: