SharePoint DST

Many of you have questions about DST and how SharePoint is effected.  The simple answer here is that beyond the OS patch, 2001 is fine, 2003 needs help, and 2007 (non-upgrade) is fine.  The primary article you need to read is KB933738 (  This article was last updated late yesterday, although it first showed up on Thursday.  It includes a link to download a software update for WSSv2 which needs to be applied on WSSv2 and SPS 2003 servers if you want to be compliant.  If you had viewed the article previously, I encourage you to go back and look at it now as it has received many updates over the last few days.

Beyond this article--there tends to still be confusion and questions.  To get you off your feet, we put together what we considered to be the most useful information in a one-stop-shop style.  You can see this information on the SharePoint Dev Team blog:

Note that the DST2007 blog is the centralized point for learning all things DST.  The DST2007 blog has information on getting free DST assistance (regardless of Microsoft product).  Check it out here: