Dynamics 365 for Financials: Initial User and Security Setup

I've had a lot of support requests for users who are unable to sign into Financials.  This problem is usually a symptom of the users being new to the Microsoft O365\SaaS environment and Financials.  I've created a video that quickly walks through the main points that you need to be aware of when setting up new users to access Financials.


There are a couple of key takeaways from the video.

  • The Administrative user who initially signs up for or adds the Financials product to your environment is going to be a 'SUPER' user.
  • When you assign a license for Financials to a user in the O365 Admin portal you are only giving them access to the Sample company.  They will not be able to setup or access any other company unless you sign in and give them access on their 'User Card'.
  • You must assign a license to a user in the O365 Admin portal AND assign security\permissions to them in the Financials application.
  • You must explicitly give a user access to any new companies that you setup.

I hope this information is helpful to everyone who is new to the Microsoft O365 SaaS world and Dynamics 365 for Financials in particular.