Login Error - "There is no Assisted Setup within the filter."

If you are receiving the following error when attempting to log in, please see the below steps.

An error has occurred Could not open the '' company. There is no Assisted Setup within the filter. Filters: Assisted Setup

  • Navigate to: https://<tenant url>.financials.dynamics.com/MS/WebClient/Default.aspx?company=CRONUS%20US
    • You must update the <tenant url> section of the URL above with your specific company\tenant name
  • Logging in to the CRONUS US company here should succeed
  • Navigate to the "Companies" page via search
  • Uncheck "Enable Assisted Company Setup" for the company the customer was trying to open (e.g. My Company)
  • Have the user sign out and in again
  • The user should be able to sign in to the failing company again

There is a broader issue here that will require a permanent fix on our end.  This is the work-around that you can use in the meantime though until such a fix is put into place.