60 Dynamics AX 2012 attributes available in Management Reporter

By now, with all the blogs post highlighting what you can do with Management Reporter, you are probably ready to take reporting to the next level. More than likely you have read a blog or heard a presentation where we discuss the benefits and flexibility you have with report design when you use attributes.

The following is a list of the 60 attributes you can report with in Management Reporter and Dynamics AX 2012.


In Management Reporter, in either the Row or Column Definition, you will see any of the attributes you have defined. So, for example, if you have never created a reversing entry, you will not see it in your list.

Here are also a few blogs that we have written over the past year or so related to attributes. So go ahead and “design away”! Your next favorite report is waiting! Attributes overview Using posting layers AX 2009 attributes Audit attributes Vendor and customer name