Management Reporter 2012 CU11 - Hotfix 2 Now Available

An optional hotfix rollup is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU11. We are trying something new for this release, and will be releasing a hotfix every few weeks with the bugs we have completed fixing in that timeframe. You can take the hotfix release if there is a bug impacting you, or you can wait until there is a cumulative update available, just like previous releases. We think that this approach will help to get fixes in the hands of customers faster and will be beneficial to everyone.

This hotfix can be used as an upgrade from a previous release of Management Reporter, upgrade from CU11 Hotfix 1, or as a new full installation. The hotfix will require you to upgrade both the Management Reporter and the data mart database.

Note: There is a known issue in this release that will cause generator and designer users to lose access to companies. This issue will be addressed shortly in HF3.

Bug ID Title
3268668 - Customer Name transaction attribute not correct when using a virtual company with a shared table collection that includes CustTable
3298557 - Maintenance task execution causing informational messages in SQL log
3274360 - Foreign key constraint error when removing a user from Management Reporter with an AX integration
3214544 - Data mart integration user is not provided with the ALTER permission when granted the view change tracking permission which causes an error when running update statistics
3214713 - In the Web Viewer, there is no indication of currently active reporting tree node
3213580 - BASE+1:12 does not work in a column definition
3239105 - Initial Transaction to Fact error causes secondary SQL Datetime overflow error many times
3249707 - You receive a System.ArguementOutOfRangeException that causes the Process Service to stop from a scheduled report


The EN-US version of this hotfix is posted to CustomerSource. The localized versions will be uploaded within the next few days.


Version History

Management Reporter CU11 RTM (removed) - 2.1.11000.32

Management Reporter CU11 Hotfix 1 and Re-Release - 2.1.11001.1

Management Reporter CU11 Hotfix 2 - 2.1.11002.5