Management Reporter 2012 CU15 Hotfix 4 Now Available

Updated 10/24/16 - Added note about GP2016 Integration bug issue

Updated 12/7/16 - Further clarified that this hotfix is not all inclusive and recommended applying previous hotfixes as well.

A recommended hotfix is now available for Management Reporter 2012 CU15. This hotfix contains a subset of prior fixes, but is not all inclusive. It is recommended to apply any other hotfixes prior to this hotfix. This hotfix also contains the fixes from hotfixes 1-3 because of some overlapping changes. You can read more about the previous hotfix contents in the links below.

Hotfix 1 Hotfix 2 Hotfix 3

This hotfix requires CU15 to be installed first. It can be applied to CU15 RTM, or to CU15 with any previously released hotfix(es). There are updates both to the client and server. The changes will take effect after a reboot of the server. There is no need to reset the data mart integration for these changes to take effect. There are no localized files included in this hotfix, so all locales will use the same hotfix package.

Note: If you're using GP2016, you will need to apply HF3 first in order to get the fix for Bug 89680: Unable to create GP integration. You can uninstall the hotfixes from add/remove programs and install HF3 first, then apply HF4.

Bug ID Title
3771542  Integration fails when collation is different between tempdb and AX database
3768609  CU15 Regression: web viewer - autotext date header not using the regional settings of the service user
3768350  AX DM Companies to Company Integration query slow for integrations with a large number of security roles configured in AX
3767519  Report fails when using a Dimension Value Set in the tree based on MainAccount

For bug 3768609, in order to see @DateLong Autotext without day of week appearing, follow these steps going forward:

  1. On the server where the Management Reporter services are installed, verify what user is running the application service.
  2. Log on as that user, and open the regional control panel and edit the Long date format to remove day of week.

Note: If using Network service, or another system account you can use the Copy settings button under regional settings to set that default.

If there are users with multiple regional settings in your company, use the drop-down list for in regional settings for all applicable languages, and repeat the steps above to remove day of week from these as well.

Once these steps are complete, any web viewer user connecting to this server will have their browser's language compared to the languages on the server, and the customized date format will be used for that language. This will require the "all languages" Management Reporter server installation for multiple locales and translations to be installed on the server.

The hotfix has been posted to CustomerSource. Hotfix 4 (Hotfix 3780433) is version 2.12.15000.56.