Multiple languages option now available for Management Reporter client (CU7 feature)

Management Reporter currently supports 36 different countries for users to work in their language of choice. With Management Reporter CU7, it is now much easier to install Management Reporter for multiple languages on a single computer.

You can now download a single file containing the installations for all supported languages. For customers who need to have, for example, both an English and French version of Management Reporter on a single computer they can use this single file to install both.

Prior to using the multiple languages installation option, the appropriate Microsoft.NET 4 client language packs need to have been installed once on that machine. Downloading the needed languages individually from the Microsoft Download center here is the best way to accomplish this. From the download page, select the language option you need, and then click download. If you have any other Microsoft .NET applications with localized support, it is possible that these components may have already been installed. These steps will need to be performed on each Terminal Server or PC where the multiple languages installation of the Management Reporter client is installed.

For any of these installations, the locale displayed is based on the display language set on the local computer's control panel. This means that you need to have a version of Management Reporter with the specific locale you want to use, and then choose to turn on that locale by setting your default language in the control panel.