Reporting on quantity values from Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Management Reporter can be used to create some great operational reports. Linking a report to Excel is one great way to get at additional data, but actual quantity or budget quantity values can be used for statistical data as well.

I've seen many great operational reports such as:

To post quantity to actuals you are required to post a non-quantity amount as well. Some users may prefer to create a new alphanumeric or 9x account at the end of your chart of accounts for quantity postings. Others will find posting to their existing accounts works fine for them. Here is a screenshot of posting quantity within a general journal entry:

To post quantity to the budget register you need to expand the budget account entry details fast tab, and fill in quantity there.

To post quantity to budget planning, you can setup a scenario with a non-currency unit of measure.

 Here is the Management Reporter column definition used to report on these entries.