Using the default report link location for easy access to reports - Management Reporter RU5

Management Reporter provides a flexible and efficient way to publish reports to a single place or multiple locations. This flexible model allows you to have a personalized report list where different users can see their Management Reporter reports, Microsoft Office files, and other reports in a shared library. This shared library can be stored in either Microsoft ® SharePoint® or a file share on a network computer.

We have extended that functionality in Management Reporter 2012 RU5 making it easier to help report designers and generators keep track of all of their reports. We've added the following:

  • A default report library link location is saved per-user. This is a new setting available under Tools | Options in Report Designer. The default report library link location may be a Microsoft SharePoint document library, such as SharePoint My Site ( http://my)/, a SharePoint document library for a department,  or a network file share location like \\server\shares\users\Sara\.
  • The Output and Distribution tab now supports creating a report link when generating to a single location. If you typically generate a report to a single location to review the report prior to widely distributing a report, you have the same ability to publish a link to the report.
  • A user creating a new report will have their default report library link location auto-populated into the report library link location. This is helpful to ensure that all of your reports are accessible through your personal report list.