XBRL Support for German taxonomy now available in Management Reporter

A version of Management Reporter that supports the German XBRL taxonomy is now available for download at https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/northamerica/mr/downloads/MRlocalizations

This version allows German customers using Dynamics AX 2012 or 2009 to meet the “E-Bilanz” requirements for filing their balance sheet and profit and loss statement.

Benefits of using Management Reporter for German XBRL filing include: 

  • Use an existing Management Reporter financial statement as the basis for XBRL filings, or create a new financial statement easily, if the report differs from your current financials
  • Tag a row in a report, so it will be saved and always available whenever you regenerate that report

 The following graphic documents the typical XBRL process.


Dynamics AX customers using Management Reporter for German XBRL support will see these changes in the Management Reporter solution:

  • Ability to select and configure the German XBRL taxonomy
  • Options to define, save and file master company and report data in the Global Common Data module
  • Streamlined options to tag rows of an existing or new financial statement  with the associated XBRL elements
  • Options to include generate an XBRL instance document, including one containing multiple reports in a single instance document
  • Ability to directly submit the XBRL instance document to the German filing authority from with Management Reporter using ERIC components

Stay tuned for a   series of blog posts on how to use these latest German XBRL features.