Introducing: Analytical Workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Operations

***ANNOUNCING*** the General Availability of Analytical Workspaces & Reports in Dynamics 365 for Operations. Built-in Analytical Applications are now available standard as part of the Spring '17 Release.The following article offers insights into the Power BI service integration with direct links to walk-thru guides and Best Practices published by the Dynamics 365 product group.

What's important to know…?

  • VALUE PROP - To get a general overview of the advantages in using the Power BI service to deliver embedded analytics throughout the organization review the article here.
  • PORTFORLIO - Usage details on the collection of Analytical applications delivered as part of the Dynamics 365 for Operations Spring '17 Release (aka v7.2) is available here.
  • AUTHORING - Learn how to use Power BI Desktop to author Analytical solutions in a local development environment using instructions here.
  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS - To extend the application to include custom solutions, use the developer walk-thru which includes X++ code samples and form control properties available here.

Business Intelligence for the Entire Organization

The following image offers a sneak peak into the built-in visualizations delivered standard as part of the Dynamics 365 for Operations service as of July '17.

Note:   Based on the speed of innovation, this list is subject to change as we continue to deliver advanced analytics directly in the application empowering every level of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:   Can I customize the Power BI embedded reports?

A:    Yes, simply install Power BI Desktop onto a 1Box to get started using steps described here .

Q:   Do customers need to purchase a separate Power BI license to use the new embedded analytics?

A:    No, however, a Power BI Pro license is required to connect to Entity Store using Direct Query from

Q:   Can I perform data mashups using external data in the Embedded Reports?

A:    Not at this time.  Data mashups can be authored on that include data sourced from the Entity Store.

Q:   Can I secure data to only those companies I have access to?

A:    Yes, the single company view prevents users from accessing data from companies they don't have access to.  For more information on securing custom solutions, follow guidance provided here.

Q:   How is currency displayed across multiple companies?

A:    As a system currency. (System administration > Setup > System parameters)

Q:   Can I drill on summary balances back into Dynamics 365?

A:    You are able to drill into the details within a Power BI report. There is limited support for drill down into Dynamics 365.

Q:   What languages are currently supported?

A:    English only however the PBI team has additional planned.

Q:   Can I access Analytical Workspaces & Reports in Local Business Data?

A:    Not at this time.  Systems of Intelligence services are available on Cloud hosted solutions.