Enterprise Portal will not display the packing slip for more than one Sales Order, when packing slip updating the Sales Orders at the same time, unlike rich client.

ISSUE: When more than one Sales Order are packing slip updated in rich client, the packing slips associated with the individual Sales Orders can be seen in the packing slip journals. When repeated the same process in Enterprise Portal, the packing slip is displayed only for the first Sales Order.



If a Form object’s FormTemplate property is ‘ListPage’, it is not possible to change the Interaction Class property of the form in any other layer, besides the layer it was created in. Most of the List Page forms will have an interaction class (which extends the class ListPageInteraction), which can be modified to add any additional logic.

In this scenario, CustPackingSlipJournalListPage Form is the object used in Enterprise Portal and it cannot be edited in any layer higher than SYS. It also does not have an interaction class associated to it, which makes it impossible to add any additional logic to fix this issue.



Create a new ListPage Form and associate it to a new interaction class in AX Client and deploy to EP.

Recommendation is to use \Forms\CustPackingSlipJournal\DataSources\CustPackingSlipJour\Methods\init() as reference for implementing the required logic in the new interaction class.