November 2018 Release - Dynamics AX2012 R3 update

The Q4 2018 release for Dynamics AX 2012 R3 version is now available in LCS on the updates tile inside your R3 project. This update is a long delayed release of an update since the February release.  Quarterly releases are the intent going forward for AX2012 R3.

This update represents a typical collection of smaller functional improvements and technical fixes.  Bugs were fixed in all areas with enhancements found in Warehouse & Transportation, Master planning, Service Management, BI and Reporting, Procurement, Sales, Client, Server, SI, Project Accounting, Inventory, Retail, DIXF, APAC, Europe and LATAM localizations, Invoicing, Production, Server, Cash & Expense, Tax updates, Enterprise portal, AP, AR, Address Book, Expense, Payroll, Human resources and Workflow. Please see the full list of hotfixes below to search for your specific issue newly included in this release. This release is a cumulative package including all other fixes released in the prior CU13 update. This release is intended to give visibility into fixes recently shipped for R3, including some features and design changes that are newly released in this update.

Here are a few details related to this release:

·        Primary Build: 6.3.6000.7426

·        Number of Application hotfixes: 637

·        Number of Binary hotfixes: 59



Details of the install process can be found here:

What is included in this month’s release?

Design Change Requests

KB Details Description of issue or change request Description of enhancement
KB_4093397 Italy/ITA: Invoices communication register and report should be extended to cover the following scenarios:1. Import supply in relation with Domestic self-invoice.2. Import supply in relation with Customs declaration. The changes in the hotfix make sure the invoices communication register and report can be extended to cover the reported scenarios.
KB_4136816 Poland/POL: Split payment will come into force from 1st of July 2018 A user may specify Split payment mechanism for payment specification in the method of payment.When you generate a vendor payment with Split payment flag in Payment specification, the system creates Multicash file with VAT amount, Tax ID number, Invoice number and additional information, which are filled in the Note field.
KB_4095416 India/IND: Add support for Item ID/Unit/Quantity in data provider for GST configuration The changes in the hotfix add the code support for Item, Unit and Quantity in the data provider.
KB_4127678 When you open the Settle open transactions form and mark an open transaction, the system throws you the following error message:"This transaction has been marked for settlement by another user." The changes in the hotfix include the following:In the Journal voucher form, the Cancel function requires an additional step of clicking the Post button. Refer to the document ( – "Cancel – Set the selected voucher to be canceled. You must post the voucher to finish the cancellation process." Not clicking the Post button will prevent the transaction from settling.
KB_4131100 Brazil/BRA: This country specific update implements the new version of SPED ECD layout 6.0. The new layout version is available in Fiscal books > Setup > Tax statements> SPEC ECD.
KB_4100807 The Transactions button on the Item tracing form crashes the client on some item and batch combinations. The changes in the hotfix allow the compression to be able to handle 10x as much data within the limitations of the communication protocol.
KB_4132361 India/IND: Miscellaneous charge allocation in assessable value The changes in the hotfix allow you to choose whether themisc. charges should be included in the assessable value.
KB_4101628 India/IND: Updates for GST E-Way Bill for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 This feature is delivered as an X++ hotfix.This hotfix enables the updates for GST E-Way Bill for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3.
KB_4057275 Brazil/BRA: Update for new regulatory requirement to address the generation of SPED Reinf reporting The changes in the hotfix for this regulatory feature include the generation of the following events: R-1000, R-1070, R-2010, R-2020, R-2060, R-2098 and R-2099.
KB_4133646 Support e-mail address by identifier claim type to enable/facilitate migration from ACS The changes in the hotfix add a new option of "Identifier claim type" to System Administration > Setup > Enterprise Portal > Enterprise Portal parameters > User provisioning.The default value is "Name identifier", which means that the behavior is unchanged. It will use the user's "nameidentifier" claim to log the user into the system.When setting option to "E-mail address" instead, the "emailaddress" claim will be used to log the user into the system. This is the recommended value to use when migrating from Azure Access Control Service (ACS).
KB_4043314 Demand replenishment to be able to replenish based on UOM restrict by - Immediate Replenishment This hotfix provides the capability requested.Immediate replenishment allows you to replenish inventory right after a location directive line fails to allocate inventory, instead of summing all demand at the end of allocation and replenishing it based on the summed quantity from another place in another unit of measure if you have more than one line in location directive setup.  This allows you to set up replenishment to be restricted by specific units and quantity to go to specific locations as it is based on the single line in location directive.
KB_4136791 India/IND: During the creation of an intercompany customer invoice, the company tax information is not defaulted from transactions. The reference number in the company tax information is required for posting. The changes in the hotfix add a defaulting logic for the company tax information. 
KB_4230084 Poor performance in MRP process Import the changes in the hotfix make sure that the auto firming performance in MRP process is ved.
KB_4229433 Brazil/BRA: Updates for SPED EFD Reinf in namespace and service address for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 The changes in the hotfix make sure there is no error message since the target namespace is changed to 1.3.02.
KB_4245229 Italy/ITA: Quarterly VAT communication ("Lipe 2018") in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 The changes in the hotfix contain the following updates introduced by the new schema:·        The <codiceFornitura> tag value is changed to "IVP18."·        New tag: <DatiContabili><Modulo><numeroModulo> - sequential number of the <Modulo> in the report.·        New tag <OperazioniStraordinarie>·        New tag <Metodo>
KB_4134556 Spain/ESP: SII format changes v1.1 since 1 July 2018 - AX 2012 R3 The changes in the hotfix add the new report format for SII version 1.1.
KB_4338447 Hungary/HUN: Reporting data to the Online Invoice System will be available from July 1, 2018 in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 The changes in the hotfix add an ability to report data to the Hungarian Online Invoice System.
KB_4095853 This is a country specific update from Brazil to support SPED ECF layout 4 for transactions and statements generated from 2017. This new layout has introduced new changes the following records:
  • 0000: Layout version is updated to 0004
  • 0020: Indicator of foreign operations
  • Block V: This new block V-DEREX is implemented to detail all operation in foreign currency with banks or other institutions outside of Brazil
The following changes in configuration have been introduced in SPED ECF statement as part of new layout 4.0Tax statement parametersTo setup the new layout navigate to Fiscal books > Setup > Tax statements parameters and select SPED ECF and in version layout select 0004. The record 0000 will include the new layout version when the statement being generated from MR application.DEREX block VThis new layout has introduced the generation of block V (named DEREX) where all operations with banks and other foreign entities must be detailed. Additional configuration was introduced in SPED ECF parameter form to identify these type of transactions that will be reported in block VDerex parameters - Journal names. Identify the journal names used to register and post bank transactions for foreign accountsDerex parameters - Foreign bank account. Identify the foreign bank account that need to be reported in block V
KB_4338437 A recalled order on POS creates duplicate transactions. This causes incorrect values being printed on the X and Z-reports The changes in the hotfix resolve the X/Z-report issue on EPOS by making sure that no pickup order transactions amount is added to the total amount, such as the "Sales total amount," "Tax total amount," and "Discount total amount."As for the same issue on MPOS, it has been fixed in hotfix KB 3217394), and the current fix depends on it.This hotfix also fixes the "Retail sales" shows pickup order transactions issue in Microsoft Dynamics AX. This issue is fixed by filtering out that type of transaction with "customer order mode" equaling "pick up."Important: This hotfix contains one or more reports. Make sure that you have imported all of your modified reports into the AOT, and then install the hotfix, and redeploy the reports
KB_4341644 France/FRA: Incorrect balance summary on a commitment when you have a credit note on a vendor invoice The changes in the hotfix resolve the issue by not including the credit notes when you calculate the available amount left on a commitment line.
KB_4343361 India GST: Add tax accounting provider for bank and cash discount. Add tax accounting provider for bank and cash discount.
KB_4344050 No place to enter document date when approving Broker Claim resulting in error Create a dynamic dialog and use a RunBase class to prompt for these 2 fields. This form could both:1.       display the date field only2.       display the date field in combination with the write-off reason code. This approach will ensure that the use case where input to both fields is needed is covered by only one form.3.       display reason code only
KB_4340518 This country specific update for SPED Reinf includes the generation of event 5011 request when the closing event is generated, and the status is defined as "In processing" (EM PROCESSAMENTO).  Schema setup 1.       Go to Fiscal books > Fiscal books > Setup > SPED Reinf > Reporting services and select the Closing event 2.       In the Header tab, mark Asynchronous check box and introduce the related internet address: WsREINF/ConsultasReinf.svc. This configuration allows the inquire of event 5011 after the transmition of event 2099The application of this KB works under the following scenarios:Event 2099 not created. 1.       Go to Fiscal books > Periodic > Sped Reinf > Reporting register2.       Add records3.       Select closing event. Tax assessment INSS-CPRB must be Finalized4.       When the entry is created, click Send button and select event type = Closing event and Status = Created and OK to confirm5.       The status will be updated to Pending response, after that the Delivery protocol field will be updated with the related number6.       Click Send again and once accepted, the status and receiving protocol will be updated. You can review the event 5011 xml file in Review communications.Event 2099 created and issued1.        Go to Fiscal books > Periodic > Sped Reinf > Reporting register2.       Select the closing event and introduce manually the Delivery protocol number. You can find the number in the XML response file under Review communications. And mark Request event 50113.       Click Send button and select event type = Closing event and Status = Pending response and OK to confirm, the status and receiving protocol will be updated. You can review the event 5011 xml file in Review communications.
KB_4342040 Brazil/BRA: NF-e/NFC-e layout version 4.00 update 1.60 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail for Brazil (binary) The update is a binary part of the combined update. See the second item for the same KB for the application part of the combined update.
KB_4345919 IN GST: Tax amount rounding based on setup in currencies. Tax amount rounding based on setup in currencies.
KB_4342040 Brazil/BRA: NF-e/NFC-e layout version 4.00 update 1.60 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail for Brazil (X++) The update is an application part of the combined update. See the second item for the same KB for the binary part of the combined update.KB 4338510 is also a prerequisite for this update.
KB_4341803 BR - RegF - Sped EFD Contributions - Layout 004 To implement the new version, execute the following steps:
  • Navigate to Fiscal books > Setup > Tax statements parameters.
  • Select EFD - Contributions > Setup paramters > click Open button
  • In Layout version field, select 004.
KB_4456322 UK - cDCR - Default report layout for Sales tax settlement - AX2012 R3 The changes in the hotfix enable printing of the Sales tax payment report.
KB_4456736 Brazil/BRA: DANFE NFC-e version 5.0 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail This update includes the support for DANFE NFC-e version 5.0, including QR Code version 2.0.
KB_4230339 Enable menu item for batch balancing for a batch order with an active ingredient The changes in the update are as follows:For batch orders, applicable for batch balancing with ingredients in the formula that are enabled for the warehouse management processes, the menu item for conducting batch balancing is now enabled after the batch order is in the "Released" status. Before the menu item is first enabled, the batch order is in the "Started" status.
KB_4460081 User cannot complete Report as Finished for more than original quantity from the Job registration feedback form. The hotfix updates BOM journal transaction according according to raw material policy before posting.
KB_4460128 Support forceLiterals for queries with container fields in the where clause Support forceliterals for Sha1HashCode field. To enable force literals for container, create a below registry string value named forceLiteralsForContainer and set it to 1:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\ Services\Dynamics Server\6.0\<aos>\<config>forceLiteralsForContainer 
KB_4462547 NOR - Retail - Cash register regulations (application part) The update contains Enterprise POS and Modern POS features required to comply with the cash register regulations in Norway, including digital signing of retail transactions and printing of required data in receipts and end-of-day reports. KB 4462498 includes Retail Headquarters features for the same regulations.
KB_4462498 NOR - Retail - Cash register regulations (application part) The update contains Retail Headquarters features required to comply with the cash register regulations in Norway, including export of the SAF-T Cash Register audit file. KB 4462547 includes Retail Headquarters features for the same regulations.
KB_4457500 In payment journal, when there is bank charge, you cannot calculate and post GST Prerequisite:KB4058327: "India/IND: GST Update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3'KB4343361: "India GST: Add tax accounting provider for bank and cash discount."  The hotfix updates the business logic in payment journal to enable GST, and provides the updated configuration.
  • Taxable Document.version.64
  • Taxable Document (India).version.64.117
  • Tax (India GST).version.64.117.221
Configuration download link: /6640E977-0690-4AF3-A405-19F05B87F53B/GST_InMarketConfig_ 
KB_4466311 BR - RegF - SPED EFD Reinf - layout 1.4- 6.3 This country specific update for SPED Reinf includes the changes introduced in layout 1.4. applicable from September 2018 and reported to October 2018.The changes introduced in this new layout affect the following events. ·        Event R-1000:  tag <indDesoneracao>  has new validation. When tax classification (Fiscal books > Setup > Fiscal Organization > General > Taxclassification code)   has been assigned as [02, 03, 99], this indicator must be filled with [1].  In all other cases it must be equal to [0]. No impact and validation executed.·        Event R-1070: Size redefinition in tag <idVara> . The judicial section code allows the registration of up 4 characters in Fiscal books > Periodic > Administrative and Judicial process. ·        Event R-2010: Users can report fiscal document model CT-e (67) in this event. Users can select the fiscal document model when Update or Create the event 2010. Model field is available for selection now.a.       Navigate to Fiscal books > booking periodb.       Select the required period and click in R-2010 buttonc.       Click Update button to include or update new fiscal documents into the event R-2010d.       In the selection dialog box, click Select and you can select the requested model. This field is not hardcode any more.e.       Click OK to confirm and the fiscal document model 67 will be included in this event if all tax requirement are reached.Once the XML message is generated, the ·        Event R-2099: Tags <compSemMovto> and <evtPgtos> are not reported when information is not presented.
KB_4469895 Ability to pay additional invoice types in POS This change allows users to select and pay more than one invoice in POS as part of the "Sales invoice" operation.
KB_4120622 Brazil/BRA: Changes in Sped Fiscal ICMS/IPI Layout 012 of specific rules for SC, SP and RJ states The changes in the hotfix include the following:Navigate to Fiscal books > Common > Booking period and sync again to the existing booking period that affects the fiscal establishment, which is located in these states and regenerate the statement of SPED Fiscal ICMS/IPI.This change is only applicable for layout 012.

KB's Released

KB Number Complete Feature Path Title
KB_4341629 DAXSE Performance issue when loading model with Z3 strategy
KB_4134534 DAXSE\AX Retail Error when you pay with cash on POS after installing hotfix KB 4058330
KB_4343069 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\BI and Reporting Performance issue when adding many lines (over 90) to an MPOS Cart
KB_4458015 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\BI and Reporting\Channel Reports Question Retail sales report query filtering by attributes From time – To time.
KB_4465218 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center You receive the error: "You are not authorized to access table ‘Sales orders’ (MCRSalesTable). Contact your system administrator." when clicking on the Totals button in the Order hold form.
KB_4338425 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center Sales order from Customer master form not does work
KB_4098860 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center The Sales-Delivery Schedule option does not work without the MCRCallCenter configuration key
KB_4093305 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center Item list isn't opened when creating sales orders on call center
KB_4197134 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Customer service and inquiry Cannot complete a modified replacement order
KB_4103390 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Other Payments Authorization code is truncated in the Credit card history window
KB_4133600 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Other Payments No loyalty points could error when trying to do a return transaction in a call center SO
KB_4136789 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Call Center\Source Code Source code required on a SO if source code is enabled for call center and the user is not a call center user
KB_4458888 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\CDX and Data management CDX synchservice is wasting more bandwidth as it is sending the upload job definition for every upload sync attempt even if the upload job definition is not changed in HQ.
KB_4343775 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Channel management Labels in designer not displaying text correct
KB_4092519 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Channel management Multiple operating unit types of retail channel after applying hotfix KB3176503
KB_4343203 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty Error void gift card when gift card set as non stock item
KB_4103845 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty Transaction text is required error when voiding a gift card
KB_4135077 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty\Customers and Groups MPOS doesn't respect sales tax group assignment rules
KB_4136646 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Customers and loyalty\Loyalty - Earn, Redeem, Balance Loyalty entry date is missing at loyalty card transactions
KB_4345244 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials Negative tax value not correctly calculated in EPOS
KB_4345254 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials Regression of KB 4338209 - posting statement an error appears -  “Only a sales tax code that is limited by amount incl. sales tax is allowed. Sales tax cannot be calculated"
KB_4345497 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials Negative tax value not correctly calculated in MPOS
KB_4340692 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials Empty field "Receipt number" in the Credit memo
KB_4340421 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Calculation Tender amount is summarized even if "Tender declaration calculation" is set to "Last"
KB_4133115 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Calculation Calculating a statement in batch creates a statement if the only transactions are a starting amount and tender declaration
KB_4095932 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Getting best practice deviation on "RetailStatementPostSalesOrders" and "RetailTransactionSalesTransMark" classes
KB_4458514 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Multiple blank retail statements created
KB_4340430 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Big difference account is generated during statement posting
KB_4337979 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Function InventTrans.inventMovement error when you calculate a statement
KB_4337978 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting BOM journal date not picking the sales date.
KB_4338209 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Wrong posted tax amount if Tax code has been changes before posting the statement
KB_4338938 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Default description optional parameters are missing after statement posting
KB_4230302 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Wrong date for payment journal voucher when completing Aync Customer order in MPOS
KB_4134170 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Huge block in the system due to statement posting
KB_4135078 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting Difference amount occurs in a post statement once creating an asynchronous customer order on MPOS
KB_4103391 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting MPOS Sales invoice doesn't assign payment method in journal
KB_4101483 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Financials\Statement Posting MPOS sales invoice doesn't assign payment method in journal
KB_4094903 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Inventory management\Buyer's Push Buyer's push form doesn't round the pushed quantity according to unit of measure decimal precision
KB_4458619 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Assortment Management Blocking issue on Process assortment
KB_4346491 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Catalog Management Process Delivery modes performance - downport request of 174416
KB_4465217 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Category Management Duplicated records in RetailGroupMemberLine
KB_4101022 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Pricing and Discounts Price simulator doesn't work for call center when the price including tax is enabled
KB_4458016 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Product Management Link between linked items is not visible on transaction
KB_4346493 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Merchandising\Product Management Barcodes on Product labels are empty and cannot be edited after applying KB3180277
KB_4459390 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Back Office (Cross-Channel) Fulfilment of Retail Store Customer Order Requesting port of 666592 Can't recall sales orders by using a receipt number in Retail POS
KB_4469602 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Order Creation, Visibility and (Cross-Channel) Changes in Store or POS Retail discounts posting is not working for customer orders
KB_4457935 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Order management\Order Creation, Visibility and (Cross-Channel) Changes in Store or POS Return order on MPOS not working for tax code with calculation "Amount per unit"
KB_4341005 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing Warning is thrown when you change the test mode to true during the creation of Payment services
KB_4136771 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing Rest of the payment services records are removed when payment methods are deleted from one of the payment services
KB_4089945 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing Register credit card when invoice account on sales orders creates credit card on wrong customer after installing hotfix KB3212861
KB_4345880 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Payment processing\Payment processing MPOS Recall order doesn’t auto search for the selected customer
KB_4458144 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Product search in MPOS returns no result when 1 of the items found does not have a Unit of Measure associated
KB_4132350 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS Receipt number field on the "Credit memo table" report is empty
KB_4316962 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily Operations Ghana/GHA: Incorrect price in POS that uses unit conversions with no trade agreement
KB_4131786 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Daily Operations POS doesn't allow zero tender declarations after installing hotfix KB3206532
KB_4343679 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Other Payments (Check, On-account etc) Sales transaction disappears during loyalty redeem when internet connection/network is down
KB_4294164 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Product Browsing and Details United Kingdom/GBR: "DataType property mismatch" error in product search screen for "All products"
KB_4101019 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions Possible to reverse payment for delivered customer order in POS
KB_4240806 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions United Kingdom/GBR: Duplicated lines in the search customers screen
KB_4099931 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Sales, Returns and Other Transactions Pickup from MPOS allows you to modify SO prices without updating the order in HQ
KB_4343684 DAXSE\AX Retail\Solution\Store operations and POS\Store Inventory Huge data transferred to Store’s db in table RetailInventAvailability
KB_4294095 DAXSE\AXL Germany/DEU: China functionality requires enterprise CALs to view BOMs from European customers even if it's disabled
KB_4338616 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Tax reverse issue in all related voucher
KB_4469167 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India TaxDirection is incorrect for the return sales order if GTE is enabled
KB_4338208 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India IN-Error adding a PO line in a confirmed PO
KB_4342132 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India: When there is credit note and many other transactions involved, sales tax payment will throw error "Numeric value out of range".
KB_4341281 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India GST: Not able to update E-Way bill for purchase transaction of un-registered vendors once invoice get posted.
KB_4337809 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Inventory cost is flowing in Stock transfer where unit of measure is changed in stock transfer and unit conversion rule is defined in standard conversion
KB_4340598 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India GST: Sales tax settlement posts to incorrect accounts.
KB_4339336 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India Support CR - Unable to perform PO Product Receipt
KB_4339547 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India GST invoice doesn't create additional XML files for copies.
KB_4338717 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India IND GST: Get error "Cannot edit a record in TaxDocumentJson (TaxDocumentJson)." when opening tax document.
KB_4338931 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India GST: Posting sales invoice occasionally gets warning "Voucher xxx is already used as of date".
KB_4324298 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India IN- GST Project cost booked through journals are incorrect at posted project transactions (when linked with GST)
KB_4337666 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Sales invoicing with no GST registration number results in error “Number sequence for the reference transaction ID has not been setup in GST reference number.
KB_4294103 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Depreciation is incorrectly calculated by deducting scrap value from acquisition value
KB_4258176 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: SAC or HSN default code mapped at Project category level is not posted to the new adjusted transactions
KB_4230029 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: "Processing item failed: Object" error in the "Vendor invoice" form when a tax is loaded at product receipts
KB_4131822 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: GST journal number used by an existing tax journal is used in a new journal and results in an error
KB_4132374 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: GST Intercompany timesheet doesn't have company tax information populated automatically
KB_4132554 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Tax posting isn't stopped when tax component's tax type is None
KB_4132815 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Withholding tax for some journal lines isn't posted
KB_4134863 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Payment reversal voucher isn't generated for accounts payable settlement
KB_4103510 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: "Function LedgerPostingOneToManyCollection.add" error when reversing the customer transactions
KB_4095719 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: IN-GST vendor advance payment through general journals results in negative GST
KB_4096075 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Adjusting item transactions posted in projects does not copy the tax information to the new transactions
KB_4098586 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Improve performance for invoice settlement in AR payment journals
KB_4099058 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India IND – Product receipt cancellation error when import purchase order has more than one lines
KB_4099988 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: GST amount gets credited instead of debiting GST payable account in project credit note transaction with Milestone billing rule
KB_4100237 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\India India/IND: Non-admin user cannot set tax component or offset tax component in tax journal
KB_4337586 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan JP LOC – Zero is not displayed in financial statement
KB_4136840 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Corporate tax return for report series 16-6 report isn't correct when current and tax layer depreciation methods are the same even after installing hotfix KB4016724
KB_4100239 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: "Unable to View details" error when right clicking the Vendor payment fee group field in the Vendors form
KB_4132155 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Assets having only the current layer with depreciation method = 200%/250% new declining balance are not displayed
KB_4094689 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Terms of payments still cannot be imported with payment method (cutoff day)when the language is Japanese
KB_4091616 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: "Form 26 - Depreciable assets" report displays incorrect phone numbers
KB_4099053 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: Due date calculation is incorrect when the payment method is cutoff day
KB_4099059 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Japan Japan/JPN: The total of the serviced lump sum assets in a same fiscal year is spitted in two columns in the Appended table 8 report
KB_4338253 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand Thailand localization - Getting Error: Numberseq object not initialized when printing Sales order – Pro forma invoice
KB_4134976 DAXSE\AXL\APAC localizations\Singapore Malaysia and Thailand TH-Vendor tax registration number and branch number are missing in Input VAT report when payments processed through payment proposal
KB_4321618 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations Italy/ITA: PA e-invoice does not handle attachments in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
KB_4095244 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations Italy/ITA: PA E-Invoice with zero amount doesn't show the TipoDocumento and ImportoPagamento tags as NaN
KB_4094920 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations Norway/NOR: Exchange rate isn't considered on the Camt.054 credit notification file
KB_4094469 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Denmark Denmark/DNK: OIOUBL product name doesn't consider translation to customer language and include text
KB_4095488 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Eastern Europe\Poland Poland/POL: SAF VAT registers wrong amounts
KB_4339320 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\France [France] Sales order e-invoice generated but no information message inform
KB_4339231 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\France [France] e.invoice tag SchemeName for company Siret number
KB_4338631 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\France [France] Fixed asset transaction wrong information on Derogatory decrease with scrap
KB_4337810 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Germany Germany/DEU: The total in the German "EU sales list" report is incorrect
KB_4136841 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy Italy/ITA: "Field Item sales tax" warning when trying to match freight bill invoice
KB_4132421 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Italy Italy/ITA: Tax group for purchase order invoices isn't checked
KB_4095234 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation Tax adjustment values are not updated in customer transaction after invoicing sales order with price incl tax is marked.
KB_4132415 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation Russia/RUS: Financial dimensions are missing in the VAT posting after settlement
KB_4094694 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation Russia/RUS: The Inventory value report does not display Russian tracking dimensions that are enabled for financial inventory
KB_4107355 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\AP AR Russia/RUS: Incorrect calculation of unrealized exchange rate adjustment for currency purchase
KB_4131289 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\AP AR Russia/RUS: Wrong balances on "Act of adjustment" report after foreign currency revaluation
KB_4095574 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Cash Bank Russia/RUS: Incorrect header info in the Imported bank statement form
KB_4294898 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Fixed assets RU - Issues with Prperty Tax declaration
KB_4341622 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\General ledger [CR]AOS crash cause by code in RLedgerTurnoverTypeLedger
KB_4093044 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Other Russia/RUS: Microsoft Dynamic partition on electronic report assessed tax declaration doesn't work
KB_4132498 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales tax Russia/RUS: GTD numbers are displayed incorrectly in VAT declaration
KB_4119812 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales tax RU - Wrong format version in VAT declaration chapter 8 and 9
KB_4132156 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Russian Federation\Sales tax Russia/RUS: Correcting facture in the opposite VAT book has the wrong company name
KB_4321610 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Spain Spain/ESP: SII error 1115 on charges from a SO invoice when the line amount = 0 and charges with amounts <> 0 exist
KB_4283308 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Spain Spain/ESP: SII XML file uses a wrong VAT number (NIF) if a customer is created through the global address ID of a legal entity
KB_4131647 DAXSE\AXL\Europe Localizations\Spain Spain/ESP: SII XML file is wrong for invoices with InversionSujetoPAsivo tag
KB_4469330 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments [Italy] AX2012R3 E-Invoice should handle the NATURA N1 for ExemptArt.15
KB_4468768 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments Post Dated checks for intercompany payments are ending with error “Dimension attribute value is not found”
KB_4468989 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments Letter of Guarantee does not inherent financial dimensions from Project or Sales Quotations
KB_4469703 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments [BRA] The Freight Nature is incorrect when the Complementary Fiscal Document. It Is not the same as the original document.
KB_4467140 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments MEXICO - CFDI 33 CFDI Complement of payment Validation for Attributes SubTotal and Total should be 0
KB_4463033 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments ITA-Export of customers eInvoices for private companies retreives customer account address not invoice account
KB_4462869 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments ELECTRONIC PAYMENT CNAB (BRA) - Invoice remains with balance in case customer payment has Interest (released kb KB4345943 / VSTS 3977372 did not work as expected)
KB_4458750 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments RU - The quantity in “Sheet of FA and depreciation charges” is displayed incorrectly
KB_4464902 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments RU - RegF -  List of banks loading from the official CB RF website ## 25123## 6.3
KB_4465759 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments Error when sending Electronic Invoice to Hungarian Tax authority - Field [taxpayerid] contains error: [the value 'xxxxxxxx-y-zz' of element taxpayer id is not valid].
KB_4465599 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments EU - RegF - ISO20022 camt.053 Bank reconciliation updated to version "camt.053.001.04" - Ax6.3
KB_4462860 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments RU - Invoice proforma print for sale order with zero net amount line system error
KB_4342864 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments CANCEL POSTDATED CHECK (BRA) - unbalanced voucher when the Check reversal journal is posted
KB_4459121 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments BRA: AR - Minimum value for PCC tax on settlement of payments
KB_4459307 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments EcoResProductDefinitionMasterInquire Security Duty Requires Enterprise License After KB 4077382 is Installed
KB_4459160 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments [Italy] AX2012R3 PA E-Invoice with wrong attachment tag
KB_4458900 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments SEPA Credit Transfer Finland cannot be validated CdtrRefInf Creditor information
KB_4458915 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments IND GST project invoice credit note print copy not updated correctly for Hours, Fee, Item journals and subscription fees
KB_4459306 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments RU - Wrong currency in Payment journal
KB_4455942 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments RU - Wrong exchange rate in export facture
KB_4457375 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments CUSTOMER ELECTRONIC PAYMENT (BRA) - Error Cannot create a record in Withholding tax to be reported in SPED file (FBTaxWithholdTrans_BR). Third party: xxxxx, 99/99/9999 The record already exists.
KB_4345914 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments [Italy] AX2012 R3 E-Invoice does not handle the <ScontoMaggiorazione> in case of discount
KB_4345943 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments ELECTRONIC PAYMENT CNAB (BRA) - Invoice remains with balance in case customer payment has Interest
KB_4341634 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments France/FRA: Retail transaction for sales invoice should not be digitally signed
KB_4455894 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments Japan/JPN: The system doesn't consider holidays in calculation of due dates for R3
KB_4455886 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments SysDictField object not initialized. error from AXSalesLIne Class after installing Hotfix on KB #4019752
KB_4455888 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments JP-LOC-the amount is not correctly when the proposal amount is recalculated by “Revised depreciation rate”
KB_4455954 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments Hungarian localization - Line price with VAT wrong in XML for e-invoice NAV
KB_4341615 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments VENDOR INVOICE (BRA) - Service code is not being fulfilled automatically for the Service item
KB_4341612 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments [Italy] AX2012 R3 in Remittance file the CIG and CUP values are not reported
KB_4341234 DAXSE\AXL\Invoicing and Payments PO RETURNED ORDER (BRA) - Error 610 - Total invoice does not match with sum-up of the amounts that composes this total
KB_4340839 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil SPED EFD Brazil/BRA: Tag <vlrRetencao> for event R-2010 is missing when the service incoming invoice uses INSS (tax code) in SPED EFD ReinfReinf (BRA) - Event R-2010 - Missing vlrRetencao when the Service Incoming invoice has INSS (tax code)
KB_4339204 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Trial balance summary (BRA report) - Incorrect Opening Balance after KB 4131292
KB_4338023 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: Cannot send NFC-e to the government authorization service
KB_4294096 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: GIA file is exported with incorrect CR 14 record amounts if there are discarded invoices in a month
KB_4294086 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: GIA file is exported with incorrect size for the record 18 if customer CNPJ starts with zero
KB_4294097 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: CR14 record with incorrect information for BENEF field for a NON SUFRAMA customer
KB_4294108 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: Wrong document date stored in the voucher transaction
KB_4131291 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: E510 record is incorrectly exported when generating the SPED Fiscal file
KB_4131292 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: "Summary trial balance" report doesn't consider the closing adjustment transactions as part of opening balances
KB_4094548 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil SPED Fiscal file exported with incorrect information for the C170 record
KB_4094693 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: Absorbed cost is not booked for the direct cost center when it is posted through a batch job
KB_4099054 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: Payment installments in the Fiscal document form are duplicated when a project sales order has a payment schedule
KB_4100235 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil Brazil/BRA: CIAP assessment form displays wrong amount for the "Taxable outgoing transactions amount" field
KB_4339216 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: Missing elements indEscala, CNPJFab and card in NF-e and NFC-e layout version 4.0 from POS
KB_4338445 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: Update of PAF-ECF according to ATO COTEPE/ICMS 10 from 20.03.2017 (X++)
KB_4338446 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: Update of PAF-ECF according to ATO COTEPE/ICMS 10 from 20.03.2017 (binary)
KB_4339229 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: Poverty tax data is not synchronized from Offline DB to Channel DB
KB_4340547 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: Update of communication with government services for PAF-ECF Block X reports
KB_4338510 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: NF-e/NFC-e layout version 4.00 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail for Brazil (X++)
KB_4338498 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Brazil\Retail Brazil/BRA: NF-e/NFC-e layout version 4.00 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 for Retail for Brazil (binary)
KB_4131078 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Cannot post the SO as the "NoExterior" attribute isn't defined in DTD/Schema
KB_4095506 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MEX: CFDI 3.3 QR code is missing some data
KB_4337807 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MEX: CFDI 33 sales order printing option is disabled if CFDI is enabled
KB_4321598 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MEX: "The invoice being settled" error when you try to post a payment for a project invoice
KB_4133773 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MEX: Purchase tax report for unrealized tax is blank
KB_4096396 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MEX: "El Importe no se encuentra entre el limite inferior y superior permitido" error when you try to stamp a sales order
KB_4101580 DAXSE\AXL\LATAM Localizations\Mexico Mexico/MEX: An exception occurs when posting a retail statement
KB_4470145 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FB – (BRA) – When we parameterize the inter-class conversion for a given product, generating the SPED Fiscal file is not generating the 0220 record in the text file.
KB_4468986 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting [Belgium] purchase sales tax should report adjusted base amount
KB_4469518 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting [Italy] AX2012 R3 Italian Intrastat form the Amount in transaction currency takes the exchange rate using the posting date instead of document date
KB_4469791 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FB - (BRA) - Adjustment journal error - Tax payment type = '9: Informative' for taxes ICMS/ICMS-ST
KB_4465296 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting SPED EFD REINF (BRA) – When we create the adjustment in the INSS-CPRB Adjustment Codes Table
KB_4465310 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FB - GIA-SP (BRA) - CR=20 it is not generating the record CR = 20 when there is adjustment by fiscal document.
KB_4465330 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FB - SPED Fiscal (BRA) - INV_MOV for Record C170 with invalid content in case the "Complementary fiscal document – tax" for purchase order.
KB_4465329 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FISCAL BOOK SPED Contributions (BRA) - INV_MOV for Record C170 with invalid content in case the "Complementary fiscal document – tax" for purchase order.
KB_4465776 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting [Italy] AX2012 R3 Intrastat file shows wrong commodity code with 5 digits for services
KB_4466306 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FISCAL BOOK SPED Contributions (BRA) - INV_MOV for Record C170 with invalid content in case the SO invoice does not generate Inventory transaction
KB_4342266 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting MEXICO After install KB 4133773 Purchase tax report for Unrealized tax is as expected in English but blank in Spanish
KB_4342329 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FISCAL BOOK SPED Contributions (BRA) - INV_MOV for Record C170 with invalid content in case the PO invoice does not generate Inventory transaction
KB_4342250 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting Czech Republic/CZE: Tax exempt setup isn't correctly reflected in the VAT XML file
KB_4462288 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting SPED EFD Reinf (BRA) - Event R-2099 - <evtServTm> and <evtServPr> tags are being filled as "N" wrong, when there are only invoices for fiscal establishments.
KB_4458056 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting SPED REINF (BRA) - It allows you to generate the R-2010 event in another company but does not show the event to be sent or deleted
KB_4346390 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting FISCAL DOCUMENT (BRA) - In case Vendor is changed, the THIRD PARTY ADDRESS for posted Fiscal document is Unknown causing error in SPED FISCAL file.
KB_4455754 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting RU - Wrong order of ДокПдтвОпл and СвПрод VAT declaration
KB_4344021 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting CN-Charges should be included and allocated to Golden tax export lines for multiple lines
KB_4345718 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting Wrong origin in report Sales tax specification by ledger transaction when grouping by Sales code
KB_4455760 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting Object 'FormRun' could not be created error when execute Chinese voucher continuity check with Print out the result of renumbering = Yes
KB_4341617 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting Czech Republic/CZE: Incorrect date of VAT register on a conditional sales tax transaction
KB_4342007 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting [Norway] Norwegian tax reconciliation report performance
KB_4341991 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting German electronic declaration with Elster cannot be done due to error code 600019004
KB_4339356 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\FA Reporting Japan/JPN: Corporate tax return for report series 16-6 report isn't correct when the current and tax layer depreciation methods are the same even after installing hotfix KB 4016724
KB_4468987 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\GL accounting RU - Non-correspondent transactions in customer prepayment handling
KB_4345942 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\GL accounting [RUS] Incorrect settlement date is allowed earlier than latest date
KB_4469423 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Statistical Reporting AX 2012 R3 Invalid German Intrastat XML file/ tag currency codes
KB_4470557 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting General Ledger Sales Tax Payment Report Times Out Due to Unnecessary Database Calls
KB_4464261 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting Incorrect sales tax on Sales tax specification by ledger transaction report when you partially invoice a purchase order
KB_4465135 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting FISCAL BOOK SPED Fiscal (BRA) - DT_ALT for Records 0500 + 0600 with invalid content.
KB_4465164 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting HST/GST internet file transfer data incorrect after generating
KB_4459162 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting SII does not retrieve customer / vendor invoices with same invoice number; gives an error message and does not retrieve any other invoice
KB_4459819 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting FB: the “Tax accountant” security role doesn't include any security privileges for the 'SPED Reinf' feature
KB_4467568 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting\VAT Declarations RU - Incorrect str2num conversion in VAT Declaration
KB_4463652 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting\VAT Declarations RU - Incorrect str2num conversion in VAT Declaration
KB_4462352 DAXSE\AXL\Regulatory Reporting\Tax Reporting\VAT Declarations AX 2012 R3 DE-ELSTER: Submission of Sales Tax payment is not working after KB 4341991 (DE - RegF- Elster: communication with Elster portal using TLS1.2 protocol requires an additional certificate Ax2012)
KB_4466196 DAXSE\AXL\Retail Brazil/BRA: NFC-e for a transaction paid with more than one payment method is rejected
KB_4456365 DAXSE\AXL\Retail Brazil/BRA: not possible to cancel a sale in POS when the IPI sales tax code is configured as Include tax
KB_4456354 DAXSE\AXL\Retail Brazil/BRA: invalid element urlChave in NFC-e version 3.1 from POS
KB_4464957 DAXSE\AXL\Retail\Retail NOR - Retail - Cash register regulations (application part)
KB_4458899 DAXSE\AXL\Retail\SCM Russia/RUS: No ledger posting for inventory settlement cancelled by inventory close
KB_4459152 DAXSE\AXL\Retail\SCM Russia/RUS: Inventory close creates a FIFO adjustment on a production transaction even though the Physical value adjustment on the raw material has already been considered in the financial cost of the receipt
KB_4458407 DAXSE\AXL\Retail\SCM RU - Inventory and ledger reconciliation problem when charges are added to the purchase order in a different currency
KB_4456576 DAXSE\AXL\Retail\SCM Russia/RU: Incorrect inventory cost rounding for purchase order in foreign currency with discount
KB_4467158 DAXSE\AXL\Tax Settlement Open Transactions form is displaying only Credit value line while creating payment journal
KB_4470140 DAXSE\AXL\Tax Exempted Sales tax reconciliation report shows incorrect information when settling project on-account invoices
KB_4468124 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Printing a preview of free text proforma invoice results in error "FreeTextInvoiceContract object not initialized."
KB_4469616 DAXSE\AXL\Tax Empty Profit and loss account in Sales tax transactions - details report when there is a ProjectID and Project category on PO line
KB_4469804 DAXSE\AXL\Tax CN- project invoice proposal error “the tax rate must be the same for all invoice line”
KB_4467916 DAXSE\AXL\Tax IN-GST: Original transaction ID is not listed in tax document of Sales return order, if customer account and invoice account are different.
KB_4463029 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Load on inventory amount for non-stocked item is posted to Purchase expenditure account.
KB_4463819 DAXSE\AXL\Tax TH-Error message “TaxAverageVATAdjust.setData incorrectly called” while reversing unrealized Tax
KB_4466312 DAXSE\AXL\Tax GST TDS and GST TCS deduction on Goods and Services transaction
KB_4342817 DAXSE\AXL\Tax IN-Packing slip cancellation on Export order
KB_4343036 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Unregistered vendor showing Y in RCM column and GTA Vendor-RCM column is blank.
KB_4343075 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: TaxDocument::delete can cause multiple SQL calls, due to cascade delete of TaxDocumentExtension_IN.
KB_4459311 DAXSE\AXL\Tax RU - Locked facture for Fixed Assets in Incoming VAT processing
KB_4459260 DAXSE\AXL\Tax Can’t post payment journal to reverse unrealized VAT for a purchase category
KB_4459428 DAXSE\AXL\Tax IN - GST is not getting calculated in Sales order invoice when quantity parameter is changed to ‘ALL’
KB_4460214 DAXSE\AXL\Tax TRANSFER ORDER Receive (BRA) - When user changes the Posting date, the posted sales taxes are not considering the posting date and user cannot visualized the taxes in the Posted sales tax form
KB_4458370 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Posted tax component inquiry will show duplicate rows, when there are multiple tax registrations numbers with same registration numbers.
KB_4343803 DAXSE\AXL\Tax Russia/RUS: Correcting facture in the opposite VAT book wrong company info
KB_4343849 DAXSE\AXL\Tax Wrong description of items in gate inward report
KB_4344186 DAXSE\AXL\Tax IN-Wrong assessable value in Purchase Invoice
KB_4346040 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Tax document for stock transfer may show additional line with InventTransferParmLine if there are multiple lines.
KB_4346671 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Getting error when posting shipping bill for partially invoiced export order with charges.
KB_4342133 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: Error on deleting Quality order.
KB_4346903 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India GST: When budget is enabled, charges allocation in purchase order will result in taxable document being calculated multiple times.
KB_4346333 DAXSE\AXL\Tax IN-Threshold Validation is not being considered while calculating TDS
KB_4345496 DAXSE\AXL\Tax India: Incorrect accrual entries are created when invoicing import order.
KB_4469937 DAXSE\AXL\Tax\Tax Calculation Prevent generating offset tax transactions during tax settlement
KB_4132683 DAXSE\Client Changes to the City Name relation for LogisticsPostalAddress break RU function
KB_4229707 DAXSE\Client\Controls Issue when double clicking on the right side of a column header in grids
KB_4458226 DAXSE\Client\Forms Form open with .Net framework error for user with specific role setup
KB_4343151 DAXSE\Client\Task Recorder Task recorder creates videos that are upside down and mirrored.
KB_4466449 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Composite entity import ends with failure if the child entity is not present in the file
KB_4345017 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF The ReleaseItemInCompany and ReleaseProductCompany fields for the Items entity do not work as expected
KB_4340163 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Validation issue while updating data with the customer and contact person entities.
KB_4339855 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Cannot publish the Product entity to the entity store if the Catch Weight configuration key is disabled
KB_4095054 DAXSE\Developer and Partner Tools\DIXF Entity based on a view will with a mapping method doesn't import via batch
KB_4462353 DAXSE\Enterprise Portal Auth0 replacement for ACS Portal authentication -  Yahoo & Linked in provider return an error.
KB_4133564 DAXSE\Enterprise Portal\Enterprise Portal Random hangs of EP deallocating session
KB_4134701 DAXSE\Enterprise Portal\Enterprise Portal\Doc Handling Security role with view only access to customer page is able to edit and delete the attachment in EP
KB_4134045 DAXSE\Enterprise Portal\Enterprise Portal\X++ Framework Input string is too error when adding more than 10,000 characters to a note in EP
KB_4339879 DAXSE\Enterprise Portal\Kernel Enterprise Portal crashes after you install hotfix KB 4056022 or later binary hotfixes
KB_4344389 DAXSE\GFM\Accounting Framework Slow Update on AccountingEvent tables
KB_4465216 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable Client crashes when totals form part left open and vendor invoice is posted
KB_4458111 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable Vendor invoice transaction report displays leger accounts with invoice amount when the ledger account balance is zero.
KB_4099719 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable Vendor balance list report prints blank pages
KB_4343136 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice Journals Wrong voucher number when change date and we approve more than one invoice in the vendor invoice approval
KB_4455762 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoice Journals Column sort issue for Invoice Journal
KB_4089792 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing United Kingdom/GBR: "The result of the" error when an intercompany direct delivery is returned for credit only and 3-way matching doesn't work
KB_4467406 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Error approving Vendor invoice in Enterprise Portal if in context of different Legal Entity than invoice was created - Error Function documentDate has been used incorrectly
KB_4467638 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Pending vendor invoices are being deleted form the system.
KB_4461118 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing The error message "Cannot create a record in Vendor invoices (VendInvoiceInfoTableTmp).The record already exists." is displayed after applying KB 4343134.
KB_4465306 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Prepayment invoice with cash discount wrong total on the header
KB_4465784 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing When the invoice date is different from today’s date, the postings for “Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced” are not balanced.
KB_4466424 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing After Invoice journal approval, if the date used falls under ‘On-hold’ period, the date changes to the next open period, but the voucher number remains the same and doesn’t change
KB_4466507 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Not possible to reverse a prepayment if a period is not open.
KB_4343134 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Error (Binding operation failed to allocate buffer space) happens during creating vendor invoice from purchase order.
KB_4459387 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Empty invoice approval journal cannot be deleted due to an error
KB_4459952 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Could Not Post Pending Invoice (Consolidated Invoice) Due to Matching Variance errors, AX not combining similar Item and PO on matching process
KB_4346717 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Orphan record is populated in InventTrans after applying KB 4339175
KB_4341171 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Partial PO invoicing (using Procurement category) – wrong posting results
KB_4338001 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Invoice cannot be posted when several prepayments applied and partial packing slip
KB_4339175 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing The error “Transaction has already been posted” occurs when purchase invoice was posted while updating received quantity
KB_4232218 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Invoicing Vendor invoice fact boxes in Enterprise Portal display incorrect data if vendors have duplicated invoice numbers
KB_4346718 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports Vendor invoice journal report does show tax authority’s vendor
KB_4319207 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports Vendor Invoice Transactions report does not display the due date for the invoice transaction entry when it's run before the settlement date
KB_4094537 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Payable\Reports Access denied when you run the Vendor invoice turnover report
 KB_4456940  DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable Automatic settlement transaction is not created for payment journal that has Terms of payment COD and cash payment ticked
KB_4341782 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable Tax exempt number should be retrieved from the invoice account instead of the order account on a sales order
KB_4339884 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Collections\Aging Performance: creating Customer aging snapshot for 200,000+ active customers daily is too slow
KB_4339020 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Customer Customer import fails if Run Business Logic is Active
KB_4464262 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Free Text Invoice Hotfix to ensure that the delete button will be disabled for Free text invoices after a submission to workflow
KB_4103388 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order Invoicing The result of the error when trying to post an intercompany sales invoice
KB_4090864 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order Invoicing Tax is regulated on sales order xxx error when you post invoices for sales orders in batch with late selection and having adjusted taxes
KB_4343204 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order Invoicing Role for Invoice Journals in EP
KB_4098988 DAXSE\GFM\Accounts Receivable\Sales Order Invoicing Intercompany sales invoice with percent charges cannot be validated and posted because of a matching rules error
KB_4340914 DAXSE\GFM\Address Book User cannot edit or add addresses on Personal information on EP
KB_4339019 DAXSE\GFM\Address Book Cannot set addresses as personal information in EP
KB_4073431 DAXSE\GFM\Address Book The country defaults back to US when entering a zip code for a foreign country
KB_4121015 DAXSE\GFM\Address Book GAB security role doesn't work when screen is personalized
KB_4459620 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management Slow performance to post AP payment journal
KB_4319222 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management Invoices incorrectly marked - occurring on vendor & customer
KB_4190434 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management Duplication in balance when reversing a settlement after a crash
KB_4103384 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management Multiple lines for the same invoice on the Print checks report after installing hotfix KB3187693
KB_4134982 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management United States/USA: "Function CustVendTransData::construct" error when opening multiple settlement forms and doing different things
KB_4468696 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation Quality Report(Bank Reconciliation Report when new transactions marked as new with debits and credits)
KB_4094298 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Reconciliation Bank reconciliation worksheet experiences poor performance including locks
KB_4132841 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Bank\Bank Transaction Summary account for vendor error when reversing a check payment
KB_4346089 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Customer\Payments and Settlement Cash Discount is not being considered in automatic settlement
KB_4190417 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Customer\Payments and Settlement Switzerland/CHE: Wrong accounting when working with exchange rate and full settlement function
KB_4468540 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement Cash discount incorrectly displayed on Payment Advice
KB_4461114 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement A Vendor Invoice can incorrectly be reversed twice
KB_4346630 DAXSE\GFM\Cash Management\Vendor\Payments and Settlement Payment reversal settling a revalued multicurrency invoice in Centralized payments chain DOES NOT create 'relieving' Intercompany settlement voucher in Invoicing Legal Entity
KB_4463516 DAXSE\GFM\Expense Management Expense report posting date is incorrect
KB_4340649 DAXSE\GFM\Expense Management Requesting back-port of Dynamics 3827080 to AX 2012
KB_4319165 DAXSE\GFM\Expense Management Getting rounding error while posting expense report with foreign currency and price inclusive tax.
KB_4099718 DAXSE\GFM\Expense Management Cannot show project activity in an expense workflow
KB_4469011 DAXSE\GFM\Fixed Assets\Journals Main account is locked for manual entry in Fixed assets Derived Value models
KB_4319214 DAXSE\GFM\Fixed Assets\Journals Fixed asset Disposal - scrap proposal doesn't work for fully depreciated assets
KB_4464498 DAXSE\GFM\Fixed Assets\Reports Scrapped Fixed Asset is showing incorrect results in Asset Statement report on prior years and Accumulated depreciation
KB_4230439 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger Ledger foreign currency revaluation cannot be reversed after year-end closing reset
KB_4463856 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger KB 4337733 doesn't fix the issue with the picklist form; no change is made to the style property from lookup back to auto
KB_4463492 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger Unable to confirm PO when period partially on hold
KB_4459154 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger AX 2012 R3 accrued vendor invoice with exempt tax
KB_4459014 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger Re-upload of journal lines possible - even when journal is approved, it can be amended
KB_4337733 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger The dialog to change the status of batch jobs opens in upper-left corner and isn't resizable or movable after you install hotfix KB 3217271
KB_4340652 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger Voucher number is incremented incorrectly
KB_4158856 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Allocations Concurrent Ledger allocation process requests will result in an unbalanced allocation journal
KB_4463277 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Dimensions [Port Bug 176565 to APPMUI] Updating ANY DimensionHierarchy record automatically flushes nearly all Dimension/Ledger Caches. DimensionSets/DimensionFocuses should not be cached anywhere and should not clear the caches
KB_4466923 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Dimensions Port Bug 3790620: Deadlocks on DimensionFocusUnprocessedTransactions
KB_4058833 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Dimensions Slow delete of business relations
KB_4340428 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Dimensions Error message displaying after a Advance filter search on Trial Balance using Financial Dimensions
KB_4339183 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Dimensions Financial cost of stocked item not including Sales tax when there are fixed values in the ledger accounts
KB_4136615 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Reports Printout of General Journal Report shows wrong account if  ledger accruals are used
KB_4345075 DAXSE\GFM\General Ledger\Reports Report Print journal get the following message Summary account for vendor account in posting profile does not exist
KB_4464852 DAXSE\GFM\Payroll 2012 R3 Payroll Tax update 2018-R10 for the United States
KB_4456933 DAXSE\GFM\Payroll Cannot calculate pay statements for employees with Missouri or Utah tax regions after installing tax update 2018-R6 or later
KB_4133954 DAXSE\GFM\Payroll Adding a project to an earning statement does not populate the project id to the Distribute Amounts on Benefit Contributions added to the Pay Statement
KB_4133287 DAXSE\GFM\Payroll Error in unit of error when using retroactive earnings
KB_4091041 DAXSE\GFM\Payroll Form 941 preparation report doesn't take into account manual adjustments to subject wage
KB_4134026 DAXSE\GFM\Source Document Framework Fixed dimensions aren't reapplied to a PO line's accounting distribution after the lines financial dimensions are updated
KB_4093573 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Germany/DEU: Code changes of hotfix KB 4055594 create incorrect transactions and cause serious problems in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2
KB_4340461 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Sales tax code with value zero and round as more than 0,00 caused wrong total view and posting
KB_4338953 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Thailand/THA: The charges amount, and the calculated tax are not included in the "Input sales tax" report
KB_4338059 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Field Actual sales tax amount in General journal is frozen with the amount written at the first time
KB_4131024 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Finland/FIN: Use tax with automatic charges doesn't work in the "Purchase order" form
KB_4095545 DAXSE\GFM\Tax Sales tax report generates blank pages when sent to printer or PDF
KB_4131279 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Reports Austria/AUT: "Sales tax general journal reconciliation" report shows incorrect information when settling an on-account invoice
KB_4089132 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Tax Calculation Missing record in TaxTransGeneralJournalAccountEntry table when posting a fixed asset sale
KB_4276508 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Tax Calculation Adjusting sales tax on a purchase invoice is slow
KB_4132427 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Tax Calculation Base tax amount for transaction currency is different than expected due to rounding
KB_4131278 DAXSE\GFM\Tax\Tax Calculation Japan/JPN: TaxTransGeneralJournalAccountEntry with TaxTransRelationshipType = 2 for ledger account isn't created when canceling payment
KB_4469790 DAXSE\Human Resources 2018 ACA forms (1095-B and 1095-C)  R3
KB_4464280 DAXSE\Human Resources ACA schema missing fields J and K for Offer of Coverage
KB_4285079 DAXSE\Human Resources\Compensation Management Cannot add 1/1 as a date of increase for compensation groups using common date
KB_4339952 DAXSE\Human Resources\Core HCM Purchase requisition workflow rooting issue
KB_4230629 DAXSE\Human Resources\Core HCM Employment history maintain version form shows incorrect employee data
KB_4099709 DAXSE\Human Resources\Core HCM Error when you make multiple changes to a position on the same day
KB_4342825 DAXSE\IPED Cannot split or reschedule planned production order after deleting operation from Route
KB_4467075 DAXSE\Public Sector\AR\Invoicing All customer financial Dimensions on the free text invoice line are overridden through Billing code financial dimensions after applying KB 4100253 (bug 3937668) even though the “Use line values for unspecified dimensions” was selected in the billing code
KB_4094854 DAXSE\Public Sector\AR\Invoicing Custom billing code fields don't stay populated when creating a correction invoice
KB_4100253 DAXSE\Public Sector\AR\Invoicing Dimension value doesn’t update correctly when changing the billing code value on FTI lines for corrected FTI
KB_4468024 DAXSE\Public Sector\Budget Creating a Requisition against a carried-forward GBR is removing pre-encumbrance from a current year GBR
KB_4093142 DAXSE\Public Sector\Budget Budget analysis report is empty when coping project budget to GL budget
KB_4463329 DAXSE\Public Sector\Budget\Apportionment transaction type for budget General Budget Reservation (GBR) relief details display incorrectly when the GBR line has multiple distributions.
KB_4346838 DAXSE\Public Sector\GL\Transactions ALE does not resubmit to workflow
KB_4136897 DAXSE\Public Sector\GL\Transactions Cannot edit an approved ALE after installing hotfix KB4040826
KB_4456822 DAXSE\Public Sector\Procurement and Sourcing\Agreement VendInv Line net amount=Qty*Unit price+PurchMarkup
KB_4459446 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Batch XX does not exist for item YY. Update has been canceled when reserving multiple batches.
KB_4346235 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Splitting in PickingListRegistration creates extra line and sets some lines to picked status
KB_4339878 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Ordered quantity in critical on-hand inventory report is incorrect while open production picking work exists
KB_4469926 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Moving Average cost Revaluation results not correct.
KB_4467604 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Only System Administrators Can Define Selection Criteria when Copying Item Prices
KB_4464257 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Variance analysis statement report gives SQL Error
KB_4338444 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Transfer orders should not be included in Check cost prices report
KB_4457267 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing An error in the accounting distribution cache can lead to wrong value registered in inventory
KB_4341465 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Cannot create a record error when you copy item prices
KB_4341156 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing During cost calculation, error message “Operation ### does not end in zero” is thrown. The customer request more details so he can fix the problem. Phantoms are used in BOM
KB_4339318 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Ledger account for Accounts – Physical revenue is always blank
KB_4131536 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing Cannot execute a data error when exporting the Item price comparison report
KB_4293724 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module Wrong values in the Posting – physical revenue and Accounting – physical revenue fields if no physical voucher exists
KB_4339898 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Inventory Closing Successive inventory recalculations duplicate adjustments on an issue when the financial date is after the recalculation date and an item is FIFO and is tracked financially by batch
KB_4339541 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory Costing\Cost Module\Item setup or price costing version Function PurchCalcCost.setFallBackVersion has been error if the sales price model is set to "Item sales price" on the calculation group when performing an item price calculation
KB_4458920 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management Dimension Batch number cannot be left blank: Sales Order to Purchase Order
KB_4338580 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management Incorrect field number dependency in the InterCompany inventory dimension
KB_4340424 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management InventDim on InventTrans is changed when you create a PO from a SO line for a WMS item and specify a location
KB_4340255 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Inventory Control Transactions button crashes the client on some item and batch combinations
KB_4230308 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Inventory Control United States/USA: "Quantity 1.00 cannot be" error when trying to unpick after canceling a packing slip on a SO
KB_4132104 DAXSE\SCM\Inventory\Inventory Management\Transfer Orders or Journals Cannot process a transfer journal when reducing the transfer quantity
KB_4100146 DAXSE\SCM\Planning Existing query is different error when doing RetailCDXOnDemandQueryBuilderTest.testBuildProductQuery
KB_4459130 DAXSE\SCM\Planning Quarantine order line can't display when select the item.
KB_4338017 DAXSE\SCM\Planning Scheduling engine does not respect the freezing time fence during an MRP run
KB_4457336 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\CTP CTP for sales demand does not swap safety stock coverage with an earlier supply, causing an unnecessary delay for a real demand
KB_4463477 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Demand Planning When using a forecast reduction key, sales demand reduces the customer specific demand forecast in an earlier period if no forecast exists in the period of the sales order line.
KB_4229896 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Demand Planning Start date for FG is before end date of a batch order that produces a co-product needed for FG if the demand is overdue
KB_4095242 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Demand Planning Demand forecast isn't reduced by sales orders when changing a customer group on an existing customer
KB_4340419 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Intercompany Planning Incorrect batch group is used on batch jobs when you run intercompany MRP
KB_4344219 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning on-hand shows doubled in net requirement form if the dynamics plan is blank in the master planning parameter
KB_4345526 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Planned transfer information is missing from Supply schedule form when filtering by the Supply Site and Warehouse
KB_4345290 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Lower level Production orders don't backward schedule when Transport Times are used between Warehouses
 KB_4346453 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Net requirements form is updated with the created inventory movement work quantity.
KB_4345734 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning MRP sporadically slow due to ReqTransNeutralDelete\run SQL queries
KB_4342153 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning MRP does not create expected planned order when a freeze period is specified and there are closed days in the calendar within that freeze period
KB_4340752 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Plan version cleanup batch job is not ended and "Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Xpp.DeadlockException" is thrown
KB_4339335 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Supply schedule form always shows the values rounded downwards
KB_4339921 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Planned Order list page error when number of orders exceeds 2100
KB_4074644 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Master planning improvements in relation to safety stock feature including fixed issues
KB_4100787 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Planned orders aren't job scheduled after running full MRP
KB_4093436 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning SHA1HASH impacting slow performance of MRP BOM level recalculation and circularity check
KB_4096095 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Cannot add Requested date field to Net requirements form Overview tab
KB_4100146 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Master Planning Overlap and other data setup cause MRP to schedule forward in an infinite setting
KB_4469658 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Financial dimensions not filled on purchase order
KB_4458037 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders If the transfer order and linked purchase order has several lines and a confirmed ship date when running Net requirements for each line the transfer order receive is delayed to an incorrect date
KB_4342825 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Cannot split or reschedule planned production order after deleting operation from Route
KB_4092551 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Line with zero quantity in formula isn't added to batch order when it's created from planned order
KB_4095262 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders Attachments to planned orders aren't displayed reliably
KB_4098568 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Planned Orders You cannot create manual planned order while scheduled time is set regarding master planning parameters as same as MRP does
KB_4463998 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Scheduling The Reschedule button is disabled when multiple planned orders are selected in the Planned orders form
KB_4294721 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Scheduling Scheduling does not consider the purchase lead time
KB_4100029 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Scheduling Resource is updated in Production route only after second re-scheduling
KB_4134902 DAXSE\SCM\Planning\Scheduling Production order ID could not error when running backward and forward scheduling processes
KB_4092364 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement Wrong invoice is displayed in the Marking form for returned order
KB_4346607 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany Return status on intercompany SO shows Expected after cancelling lines on the return order.
KB_4339208 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany The error message “Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with 'on order' status. “ is displayed while cancelling intercompany orders.
KB_4095721 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany Wrong batch numbers are synchronized in intercompany scneario when splitting picking lines on the intercompany sales order
KB_4132285 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany Quantity ordered may not error when canceling a line on an intercompany return PO
KB_4095410 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Intercompany Batch numbers aren't synhcronized in the intercompany purchase order transactions after the sales packing slip is canceled and posted again with new batch numbers
KB_4077386 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Product Receipts Re-release of fix for "Product receipt line and GL line amounts...”, resolving regression "Get error Purchase order 000411 was corrected .. when post the Product receipt" and fixing Cancelling a product receipt posted via item arrival leaves transaction...
KB_4342848 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders Error message when updating purchase order
KB_4230590 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders Wrong fulfillment on purchase agreement after delivery schedule (regression of DAXSE 3939454)
KB_4133112 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders Wrong purchase agreement line on direct delivery when multiple purchase agreement lines with expiration dates exist
KB_4131541 DAXSE\SCM\Procurement\Purchase Orders\Change Order The quantity on the error when Activate change management is enabled and PO has a WHS enabled item
KB_4341607 DAXSE\SCM\Product Search name in Item Allocation Keys isn't consistent
KB_4112800 DAXSE\SCM\Product Formula lines aren't copied when the valid from date is populated on the formula line
KB_4341296 DAXSE\SCM\Product [R3 Backport of FinOps 212457] Released products can be deleted even though valid purchase agreements exist.
KB_4469910 DAXSE\SCM\Product\Product Configuration Query is modified on different table constraint with same system table
KB_4344220 DAXSE\SCM\Product\Product Configuration The details of released products with translations are not displayed.
KB_4469915 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor Invent Dims are created while Production Planning
KB_4459544 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor Phantom Item estimations are not calculated based on Yield
KB_4455753 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor Raw material picking work stuck in process, put work cannot be completed
KB_4340884 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor Clicking the Cancel button runs SQL and causes delays up to 10 minutes
KB_4339512 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor Upon estimating a production order an error message is received: “Cannot create a record in Production route (Prod Route). Production: xxx. The record already exists” if there are orphan records in the Route table.
KB_4339594 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Batch Orders Incorrect route version selected for phantom sub-formula when batch order is estimated
KB_4229808 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Batch Orders Japan/JPN: Reset status creates an unnecessary "Report as finished" journal with zero quantity
KB_4089765 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Batch Orders Report as finished journal for a batch order is created with a planning item rather than the co-product when you use a planning item
KB_3003115 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\MES If the worker did not stop the process job and the MES registrations are adjusted and transferred, incorrect times auto booked into the production order
KB_4229825 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\MES unable to complete Time and Attendance records transfer if KB4038372 is installed
KB_4131614 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\MES Job registration - resource form is automatically set to all jobs form while the setup is "current activities"
KB_4343077 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders Backport request of Dynamics 3871541 to AX 2012 R3 - Report actual consumption defaults to full formula quantity rather than LP quantity that was entered
KB_4146482 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Production Orders Thailand/THA: Issue when creating a job card journal and changing the job identification
KB_4458749 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Job Registration Job registration doesn’t respect the setup every time that the user log back to the job registration
KB_4103666 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Job Registration Automatic clock out in Job registration form doesn't close Select cost category form
KB_4094577 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Job Registration Reference is removed when you open the drop-down list of Job registration type on the Approve form
KB_4343311 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Production Integration Subcontracting Purchase orders workflow issues
KB_4324226 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\Shop Floor Control\Time and Attendance When running the Deactivate Past Workers function Pending workers are deactivated as well.
KB_4100057 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Function WHSWorkTable.pickOverPickTransaction has been error and WHS process fails
KB_4344033 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Can't report actual prod picking list (Consume full PL not working)
KB_4103669 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Production order inventory transactions issue status incorrect after KB 4103669 installed
KB_4258158 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Belgium/BEL: Changing reservation and re-releasing a batch order result in two works
KB_4257401 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration United States/USA: Registering the material consumption menu item creates new lot ID for every Direct Issue transaction
KB_4163558 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Picking list references on ProdBOM inventTrans cause raw material picking work to fail
KB_4132146 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration The license plate or error when trying to complete the picking for raw materials
KB_4103669 DAXSE\SCM\Production and Shop Floor\WMS Integration Current Work is frozen error when trying to complete the raw material work
KB_4221009 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing Allowing the posting of a BOM journal with circularity causes huge inventory adjustments
KB_4466288 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing Batch order with item CW, errors when starting negative quantity to correct quantity initiated. Started 10 but correct was 8. Started again -2.
KB_4456146 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing Duplicated indirect cost transactions created in sub production orders when ending massively parents production orders
KB_4089595 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing Raw materials cost for the production order isn't updated correctly when the raw material quantity in production BOM is changed
KB_4459536 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\BOM Calculation Recalculate BOM levels is updating based on production orders which component is the BOM causing wrong costs
KB_4340838 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\BOM Calculation Net weight of purchased items is set to zero when costs are activated from costing version
KB_4339016 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\BOM Calculation Disabling Calculation parameter on BOM line affects cost rollup but not production cost
KB_4136604 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\BOM Calculation Incorrect BOM calculation for setup job if using multiple quantity
KB_4132087 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Indirect Cost Indirect costs aren't included in the cost calculation of the co-products with TCA and quantity entered when RAF
KB_4091394 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Lean Costing CurrentInventItemPrice gets the last record instead of getting its item accordingly when two different items exist in the query results
KB_4132806 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Lean Costing Backflush costing generated SQL queries have incorrect Order By clause
KB_4465500 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\PI Costing Inventory costs for the formula items and co-products are incorrect if a batch order is split
KB_3009797 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\PI Costing Batch order doesn’t use estimated cost price as physical cost amount for co-product when reporting the batch order as finished
KB_4229844 DAXSE\SCM\Production Costing\Standard Cost United States/USA: A substitution variance is calculated, and a rounding variance is posted for a purchased item
KB_4339337 DAXSE\SCM\Resource and Activity After creating new BOM version on ‘Bills of materials’ form with copy function no circularity check done
KB_4078593 DAXSE\SCM\Sales Incorrect inventory transactions for a sales line after you update the sales line quantity marked on a grouped purchase line
KB_4131792 DAXSE\SCM\Sales Price cache isn't updated after changing in a multi-AOS environment
KB_4456531 DAXSE\SCM\Sales VAT Group not getting updated in Charges of sales order
KB_4463646 DAXSE\SCM\Sales [Back porting] PurchCalcTaxTest.testMarkupAmount is failed due to DAXSE 3933243
KB_4456878 DAXSE\SCM\Sales Sales commission based on revenue less total discount is calculated incorrectly when multiple sales orders with different total discounts are consolidated into one invoice
KB_4338940 DAXSE\SCM\Sales Product safety sheet not printed when the check box is selected for printing them from the Packing Slip
KB_4230801 DAXSE\SCM\Sales United States/USA: Can create a delivery schedule unexpectedly when the reservation exists
KB_4100760 DAXSE\SCM\Sales Trade Allowance Agreement off invoice discount doesn't show on qualifying sales order lines
KB_4456114 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Agreements ‘Exclude from rebate’ parameter on sales agreement line is not saved
KB_4459547 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Issue with sales tax calculation. Penny difference is missing from the trial balance. Introduced with KB4055205.
KB_4340497 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Post the price journal with missing field values when price discount agreement journal is imported with DIXF
KB_4131616 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders Cannot edit a record error when changing the order type from a journal to a sales order
KB_4091555 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Orders SO cancellation is allowed when related production order starts
KB_4294980 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Pricing Updating the delivery dates on a SO line changes the unit price of the current price/discount journal
KB_4230630 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Pricing Switzerland/CHE: PricePriceListService doesn't export price list when price amount is 0.00
KB_4342195 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Quotations Replace of original KB4338745 Cancellation of sales quotation, leads to cancellation of more quotations with new KB
KB_4338745 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Quotations Cancellation of sales quotation, leads to cancellation of more quotations
KB_4095249 DAXSE\SCM\Sales\Sales Quotations Keep all function doesn't work for Sales quotation
KB_4468660 DAXSE\SCM\Service Management Repair button disabled on Service agreements and Service orders of a Service Object
KB_4469639 DAXSE\SCM\Service Management Posting service order with activity
KB_4093904 DAXSE\SCM\Service Management Storage dimensions for the service order are not updated when you change the item number in the service order line
KB_4136766 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Request for Quotes Filtering based on a created line is ignored when printing a RFQ invitation
KB_4294973 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Request for Quotes No lines to be accepted and "No lines for posting or quantity = 0" error when you cancel the Posting RFQ Acceptance and try to accept the reply again
KB_4100759 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition The form data source query error when selecting location of inventory on a PR line
KB_4087226 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition A friendly name isn't displayed in the EcoResCategoryLookupPanel web control
KB_4103671 DAXSE\SCM\Sourcing\Requisition Trade agreement isn't applied in the Purchase requisitions when currency is changed
KB_4337679 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation [Unit Test] 7 GoupedContainer cases are failed after applying fix of DAXSE 3944548
KB_4470661 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Can’t complete put work with product variant unit conversion when using the Full button: “Product variant unit conversions are not supported for this process”
KB_4468414 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Work not created for large purchase orders batch-controlled item with menu items WHSWorkExecuteDisplayPOLineReceiving and WHSWorkExecuteDisplayLoadItemReceiving
KB_4468764 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation it should be possible to change location profile for an empty location
KB_4467467 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Reverse work is selectable for loads associated to Sales orders that have posted packing slips.
KB_4464404 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation System incorrectly shows the quantity physically reserved in intercompany on-hand form for warehouse management items
KB_4459904 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Receive error "Shipment XX was not fully allocated." when releasing a SO to warehouse for item that is batch above reservation hierarchy.
KB_4337569 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation backport request for D365 3931924 to AX 2012 R3 - [Data inconsistency] Wave processing in parallel and batch can lead to loadlines having workCreatedQty update when no work was
KB_4458038 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Error during transfer order receive: No lines for posting after reducing Transfer order quantity
KB_4338427 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Inspections orders are not generated when the batch number has a license plate related
KB_4174890 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Performance of All Production waves list page is very slow
KB_4134700 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Canada/CAN: Freight invoices don't properly apply cash discounts to freight vendors
KB_4131526 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation FEFO reservation doesn't work properly for WAX items and non-WHS warehouses in sales reservation
KB_4091799 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Shipment status is updated from Shipped to Loaded when canceling the remaining quantity on a sales order
KB_4093148 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation Consolidated shipment displays original sales order number instead of "Multiple"
KB_4342199 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Device Integration Error "AifFault object does not have method 'new'" from mobile device when posting operation fails
KB_4470532 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management WHSRFControlData.getValueFromInventDimField() (and other methods using InventSum) should filter on Closed == NoYes::No
KB_4345871 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Short pick allocation fails in cluster picking after KB 4345871
KB_4343260 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management The release to warehouse button is available for sales order in which the customer Invoice and delivery on hold parameter is set to "Invoice"
KB_4342644 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Backport KB 4092902 (Bugs 3935047/179207) to AX 2012 R3
KB_4343319 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Work not created for large purchase orders batch-controlled item (KB 4337549 backport)
KB_4346905 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management The quantity is not valid for unit ea. error after applying hotfix KB4041100
KB_4456898 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Insufficient inventory transactions error when attempting to assign serial numbers during sales order picking
KB_4339735 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Receive RMA cannot process work in different unit than sales order line UoM
KB_4230872 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management WHS batch reservation evaluates a blank value as 0 when comparing attributes
KB_4101131 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management WHS "Days between cycle counting" value is ignored
KB_4095219 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management The specified sequence of error when trying to add a sort to a location directive
KB_4132482 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Containers can't be moved error when moving to pack location
KB_4132601 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Moving from a LP location, when using an item that is config and batch tracked - Movement will fail with error "The batch does not exist in this location"
KB_4133680 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Master bill of lading doesn't print due to an infinite loop
KB_4094615 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Complementary fix to KB original KB4094615: WHS Batch Reservation form does not filter out batches with missing attributes
KB_4093967 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Stack trace when you do RMA and put away from mobile with the Active in sales process serial tracking dimension
KB_4094615 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management WHS Batch Reservation form does not filter out batches with missing attributes
KB_4092875 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Movement menu item adopts the inventory status of the target LP
KB_4100225 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management Physical remaining quantity in conversion when trying to post a packing slip
KB_4459875 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Delete packing structure with blank LP deletes packing structure on all loads
KB_4230316 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management Load planning workbench reserved field not updated with manual reservation
KB_4090851 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Load Management The load line is invalid. It cannot be updated  error when you release load
KB_4457020 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Wave demand replenishment work cannot be completed
KB_4458627 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Backport DAXSE 3851270 from 7.2 to R3
KB_4345871 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Short picking raw material work with Cluster Picking and Batch Items
KB_4339338 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Comma decimal format not recognized in the production picking menu item shows an incorrect quantity
KB_4131613 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway Map object not initialized error when PO received with batch and serial number
KB_4135112 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Picking and Putaway AX is consuming 2 License Plate Ids processing work from non-LP controlled locations
KB_4469665 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shared Warehousing WHS (WAX) governed Item, managed in a WMS Warehouse (hybrid setup) not allowing negative pick when Production Order RAF.
KB_4463457 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management Pack process gets stuck after confirming the first shipment of a license plate that has multiple shipments
KB_4340434 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management Sales order over pick does not work with system grouping
KB_4339353 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management Fulfillment rate blocks release to warehouse when having a cancelled sales order line
KB_4089113 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipment Management Packing list shows incorrect gross weight on each line and wrong total cases number
KB_4095797 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipments and Reservation Previous selections are not recalled when you print a packing slip from a shipment
KB_4040147 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Shipments and Reservation China/CHN: The inventory transaction fails to have issue status with reserved ordered
KB_4464651 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management When an exception occurs after the replenishment step during wave processing, we failed to clean up temp replan links for existing replenishment, causing downstream data corruption on retry
KB_4343773 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management [Backport] - Performance issues with Release to Warehouse that includes Containerization - multiple updates to container table to set ContainerNum
KB_4339988 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management Performance issues with Release to Warehouse that includes containerization
KB_4340760 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management High number of Deadlocks on Table TMSROUTEMARKUPTRANS during Wave processing
KB_4339951 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management [Backport] - Blocking when a wave fails and need to clean up when another wave is running on Table WHSTmpWorkLine
KB_4174890 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Wave Management Getting error while opening production waves post KB4174890
KB_4470142 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Cannot complete sales work – item serial number
KB_4470304 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Users are not able to close or delete unwanted shipment waves
KB_4467487 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management “Location must be License plate controlled” error when entering a non LP location in Default Production finished goods location in the warehouse
KB_4342441 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Hyperlink on Work report does not go to correct work ID
KB_4458480 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management WHSWorkTable::findByLicensePlate() does multiple attempts, which are not necessary in a number of cases, where we only want to see if the item is the actual Target LP for the order
KB_4346568 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Users cannot complete return order receipt for last line of a return order with batch above reservation hierarchy.
KB_4341047 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Put quantity is consolidated across units of measure
KB_4131617 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Suggestion location for override fails if the mobile device menu item is configured to use a directive code
KB_4137012 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Cancel quantity on work increases load quantity
KB_4100202 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management Wrong quantity when using "Create inventory movement work" from Locations
KB_4131651 DAXSE\SCM\Warehouse and Transportation\Warehouse Management\Work and Worker Management License Plate already exists error when doing short pick process for sales orders
KB_4337711 DAXSE\Server X++ code with Query Run has inconsistent behavior between the server and client
KB_4346722 DAXSE\Server Apostrophe thousands separator wrong for German Switzerland in AX client on Windows 10.
KB_4463090 DAXSE\Server\AOS Service AOS crash in Ax32Serv!ValidTimeStateManager::CheckIfValidTimeStateKeyColumnsAreUpdated when changing the index order
KB_4464196 DAXSE\Server\AOS Service Multi-subnet failover support in AX 2012 R3 not working for all providers.
KB_4465786 DAXSE\Server\AOS Service Frequent Client crashes after Kernel 6.3.6000.6807
KB_4455764 DAXSE\Server\AOS Service Frequent crashes due to cursor reuse.
KB_4455758 DAXSE\Server\AOS Service AOS crash happens after install hotfix KB 4057507
KB_4468865 DAXSE\Server\Batch Make Batch Run application-level locking configurable
KB_4459017 DAXSE\Server\Batch AOS cursor validation runs when disabled in certain scenarios.
KB_4469891 DAXSE\SI Project dimension is lost in transactions
KB_4342554 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting The system does not consider the Resource calendar.
KB_4346118 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting When user doing project adjustment system throws error message “The transactions on voucher 00004 do not balance as per 6/6/2018. (accounting currency: 150.00 - reporting currency: 150.00”
KB_4346274 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Error when deactivated expense category exists in a Project Purchase Order (Re-escalation of bug 3881490)
KB_4457841 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting When the items are received and issued partially from the item requirement, the system update wrong budget consumption balance
KB_4458216 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting The project budget details is incorrect when you delete a revision that was created by updating the original budget details line.
KB_4456914 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting When user changing project stage to Finished system throws error message “Cannot select a record in Employee reservations (PSASchedEmplReservation). Worker: 0.
KB_4345890 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Project invoice displays incorrect amount in transaction currency in form "Transaction origin"
KB_4456915 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Due date is not recalculated, if change the document date on customer transaction
 KB_4337596 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Changing price group in a project creates invalid transaction on committed transaction amounts after adjustments
KB_4160650 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting Belgium/BEL: Fixed dimension on cost account causes troubles in project accounting
KB_4460053 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Adjustments Incorrect Total cost price, Split cost and sales price when an adjustment is posted with 50 % split
KB_4096481 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Adjustments Project adjustments use the default ledger account for the new transaction instead of using the original transaction offset account
KB_4094748 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Adjustments Incorrect voucher transaction after expense adjustments
KB_4141778 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Project statements displays unexpected value for original budget amounts
KB_4465422 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Alternative budget (Committed cost from PR) is not shown in Budget commitment
KB_4466550 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast On-account forecast amount is double in Invoice tab on Project statement
KB_4458245 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast The purchase unit is not converted to the inventory unit for the committed cost and consumed budget calculation.
KB_4346119 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Price unit on item forecast is not transferred correctly from WBS
KB_4339900 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Project budget is not validating correctly if there is no budget defined yet it is activated while creating purchase order from project – extension to KB4096482 (Bug 3935430)
KB_4096482 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Budget and Forecast Project budget is not validated correctly if there is no budget defined yet it is activated
KB_4134426 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Estimates The transactions on VoucherID when eliminating an estimate if a contract has a fixed rate
KB_4141723 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\FIM Integration Hotfix KB 4089343 (Default description doesn't pull correctly for the project invoice ledger) isn't working as expected
KB_4464452 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Indirect Costs Direct and indirect cost conflict when allocating cost to multiple funding limits
KB_4340525 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Journals Sales Unit Price is not updated in a Project Item Journal if trade agreements exist
KB_4339326 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Journals Indirect costs ignore the project contract funding limit and post incorrect revenue
KB_4093783 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Reports On-account invoice schedule report prints zero-dollar amounts for beginning balance On-account transactions
KB_4339744 DAXSE\SI\Project Accounting\Setup Recurring ALEs don't function like the standard ALE when you have the project/category validation set to mandatory
KB_4466928 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Billing Rules Fee billing rule excludes negative line items
KB_4462723 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing An error is received when a user tries to open invoice proposals from a project contract with about 2000 projects
KB_4457840 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing Unable to raise credit note in fixed price project (on account transactions)
KB_4294737 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing Project PO can post an invoice even though the ledger posting setup is blank for WIP- cost value - item
KB_4338948 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Invoicing Project Invoicing of Expense Journal posted in Foreign Currency reverses incorrectly at invoice
KB_4095399 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Pay when Paid Vendor invoices with PWP don't appear in "Vendor invoices with pay when paid" form
KB_4239879 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Project Contracts Revenue could not be allocated error when you try to confirm a PO
KB_4134441 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Project Contracts System prevents further posting after funding limit is spent
KB_4131413 DAXSE\SI\Project Contracts and Billing\Project Quotations Project quotation only defaults fee sales price from Valid for All Line
KB_4459845 DAXSE\SI\Project Management Project quotation with fixed price project loses sales tax calculation
KB_4293974 DAXSE\SI\Project Management Cannot create multiple new line item requirements from the same item in WBS
KB_4464844 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Activities When User creating project quotation though WBS are created, the estimate cost price and sales price for hour transactions are not updated correctly.
KB_4101424 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Project Server Integration Project synchronization fails
KB_4132894 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Projects Committed rows for closed purchase requirements left behind after finalizing a PO
KB_4345196 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Reports Project - TaxTransGeneraljournalAccountEntry – Intercompany project
KB_4345321 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Resource Scheduling Resource Availability – Hard booked utilization percentage wrong calculation
KB_4132040 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Resource Scheduling Incorrect doubled hours booked on resources after installing KB4042349 & KB4073222
KB_4469399 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Project activities are not visible in all activities list
KB_4339323 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration You can release a PO from a purchase agreement and process it for a finished project
KB_4240038 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Cannot update the "Sales tax group" field in an item requirement type sales order related to a project
KB_4131412 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Inventory transaction has no cost amount when a PO is created from the "Purchase requisitions" form
KB_4105215 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Committed costs are unexpectedly updated by losing the sales task amount
KB_4093798 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\SCM Integration Service order invoice is posted with overpayment transactions if the amount is less than the "Maximum overpayment and underpayment" value
KB_4458246 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Transactions After KB4089343 incorrect number sequence is used for project credit note
KB_4339324 DAXSE\SI\Project Management\Transactions PROJECT SUBSCRIPTION FEE TRANSACTIONS - Credit note is not fully reversing the Ledger transactions for WIP subscription / Accrued revenue when revenue was not recognized yet  after KB 4054675 TFS 3863397
KB_4341303 DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet Project timesheet user security role appears as "Functional" access license type while it should be "Task" per the licensing guide
KB_4345197 DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet Internal comment unreadable on timesheet after being processed in workflow
KB_4093784 DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet Cannot edit a record error and timesheets cannot be posted
KB_4096480 DAXSE\SI\Project Timesheet Project ID is missing in pending vendor invoices for inter-company timesheets
KB_4211876 DAXSE\Tools\Solution Architecture\IDMF Belgium/BEL: IDMF delivered XPOs contain a best practice message
KB_4099851 DAXSE\Workflow Workflow participants performance report returns no data if multiple approvers are assigned to a workflow task
KB_4091962 DAXSE\Workflow\Alerts Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 workflow Actions bar is not hidden automatically after applying a new filter under the "Work items assigned to me" tab