CRM 2011 Industry Templates Solutions

Many organizations may view CRM 2011 and notice that their business does not fit into CRM 2011 how it is out of the box.  We understand that this may be a challenge during your time of evaluation of CRM 2011, but o make it easier for our customers Microsoft has created some industry templates to import into your trial or production environment.  Created with industry expertise, these solutions can help evaluating CRM 2011 for how you would use it in your business today.  You will see that you can evaluate the product closer to your unique vertical requirements along with experiencing the flexibility of the application not only as a solution, but as a platform as well.  To access the Dynamics Marketplace click here, but we made it easier for you to get to the templates with the list below:

Currently there are industry template solutions for the following verticals (click on each and download the solution, from there import the solution to your trial environment and publish all).  Click here for instructions on how to import a solution.



Stay tuned for more industry templates to come!