ZoomInfo integration to Dynamics CRM Online

The ZoomInfo integration gives Dynamics CRM Online users unlimited access to profiles of over 45 million people and 5 million companies—all from within Dynamics CRM Online.  Dynamics CRM Online users can efficiently: Find new companies or people to prospect, Qualify existing contacts or accounts, and Close more business.  From email address and phone numbers, to job history and latest news ZoomInfo and Dynamics CRM Online allow user to work smarter and more efficiently.

The most unique thing about ZoomInfo is how we collect data:  we use natural language processing technology augmented by community contributions to build out database.  This allows us to be:

  • Broader: we cover more companies (especially non-publicly traded companies) and more people
  • Deeper:  We go beyond just the business card information to give full profiles that include email, phone, job history, web references, educational background and all the citations to that person or company on the web (events, trade magazine articles, blog postings…)
  • Fresher:  We update thousands (sometimes millions) of records every night. 

Find target companies and buyers…

Enhance and update existing account records…

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- Eric Boocock