2011 U.S. Payroll Year-End Update Releases!!

I'm excited to post the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and 10 U.S. Payroll Year-End update has released for the 2011 reporting year! 

Here are the 2011 Year-End pages which provides you with documentation and installs you need for a successful year-end.

2011 U.S. Payroll Year End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Download Page

2011 U.S. Payroll Year End Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Download Page

****New for the 2011 year, there is a Year-End Video!!!!****
Check it out....SO COOL! 

Many times in support we get asked can we install this update now even though I have not finished my 2011 payrolls.  YES YOU CAN!  This is why we release the update early so you have more time to install the update and a LESS stressful year end for all.
It is the 2012 tax update that gets tricky and we would recommend you install that when you are ready to process 2012 payroll and the 2011 year end wage file is created.

Please review all documentation in detail to prepare you for the year-end close, specifically around what has changed for this year.

If you use Personal Data Keeper (PDK), and install this update, you will need to install the latest Service Pack for Personal Data Keeper too.

Note if you are on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 regards to Lifecycle:
Microsoft will provide a 2012 Year-End Update to all U.S and Canadian Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Customers.  Microsoft will also provide Round 1 U.S. tax tables for the 2013 Payroll reporting year.  Following these releases, no additional code update will be released for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, due to end of Mainstream Support in the Support Lifecycle for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0.  Technical support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 will continue to be provided through the Extended Support phase which will end on 10/10/2017.  If you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, you must upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or Microsoft Dynamics GP 12 (Due to release in December 2012) to receive any further regulatory and or code updates following the January 2013 Round 1 Tax Update.  

Detail of the changes
W2 and W3 changes, EFW2 changes, (magnetic media)
1099-R changes for pension payroll
1099 Payables Dividend changes
Fixed Assets luxury depreciation changes

Table changes to hold the new Employer Kind data: company and dynamics databases: (these are required on W3 and Electronic file)

Dynamics (it is a magnetic media table)      W200006 added column employerkind, will default in a 1

Company (Setup and year end table)
UPR40100 added column employerkind, will default in a 1
Year End wage table
UPR10100 added column employerkind, will default in a 1

**This update will be all inclusive of prior updates for 10 and GP 2010.

Good Luck, I know the 2011 Payroll Year-End close will be a breeze for you!