Announcing support for "peer to peer" networks on GP!


Microsoft is pleased to announce that Microsoft Dynamics GP officially supports Peer-to-Peer environments! Your current and potential new customers running the core Dynamics GP application (w/out web applications such as MOSS, Business Portal, etc.) can now leverage this cost-effective environment for implementing and running their core business system!


What is a peer to peer network? A “peer to peer” (or "P2P") computer network does not have the notion of servers or clients in the traditional sense, but only equal peer “ nodes” that simultaneously function as both "clients" and "servers" to the other nodes on the network. This network arrangement differs from the client-server model where communication is usually to and from a central server. For example, Customers may setup a P2P network by connecting 3 workstations running Windows XP or Windows Vista via a network hub, with the machines communicating together by way of a workgroup (rather than being connected via a traditional domain through a true network server).

What does this mean for you and your customers? This is a significant change from Microsoft’s previous position where Customers running a P2P network were considered to be in an unsupported environment. With P2P networks now officially supported, Partners selling into the Breadth space will have the option to deploy the back office application in a very cost effective manner, without requiring the Customer to purchase a true server-class machine or replace their existing network infrastructure. For these Partners, this means you can now confidently implement GP in a P2P network and reduce the total cost of deployment to the customer, which in turn will potentially help win more Breadth deals!


Details: The Microsoft Dynamics GP Test team recently completed thorough testing of the back office application with two Windows XP machines connected via a workgroup. One client was running SQL Express 2005, and the other the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP application. All tests of the functionality within the core Dynamics GP application passed with flying colors! A test with Windows Vista and a P2P network will be completed soon.


It is important to note that Microsoft still does not support a P2P environment where Customers are using Business Portal, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (and associated functionality such as Workflow and Search), Windows SharePoint Server, FRx Webport, Web Services, or eConnect. Each of these applications require a domain on a true server-class machine and operating system, and therefore running these applications would not be supported on a P2P network.


Where can I find out more? The System Requirements page on PartnerSource and CustomerSource has been updated to reflect this change, and look for announcements in the upcoming Partner communication vehicles (Insights, newsletters, etc.). You can also contact Microsoft Technical Support (888-477-7877 or via eSupport) for questions or help when installing the core Microsoft Dynamics GP solution in a P2P network environment.