Are you ready for new features and functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP? It is time to start planning your upgrade!

Year end is now over and it is time to start thinking about planning the upgrade for Microsoft Dynamics GP!  New features and functionality are waiting for you in the current release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and more exciting capabilities are right around the corner with a brand new release available at the end of this year!  Start your planning meetings now to get a jump on your project plan for the upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics GP and all your integrating applications that you use today!
Take advantage of the upgrade resources and information below to learn everything you need to know about the current release of Microsoft Dynamics GP and the steps involved in the upgrade process that you can apply to any release of Microsoft Dynamics GP!

Important Note: Several links on this page go to CustomerSource. Learn more about CustomerSource and how to signin.

What is an Upgrade?
An upgrade is the process of moving your current release of Microsoft Dynamics GP and all integrating products such as Business Portal, Web Services, Workflow, ISV integrating products and your customizations to a new release.  For example, if you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 with Business Portal 4.0, you can upgrade to the current release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Business Portal 5.1.  There will be an upgrade path from Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 to the new release coming out at the end of this year!
Don't forget about your reports!  All modified reports are upgraded to the new release and it is important to think about a plan if you currently use FRx reporting as well.  If you do not already use SQL Server Reporting Services for reports, take a peek into the capabilities of this powerful product.  Your business data is presented in colorful charts and intuitive reports from right within Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Portal or your browser!

Check Out Upgrade Resources!
1.  New features & functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Learn More!

2.  New features and functionality in Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 - Learn More!

3.  Your "One Stop Shop" for all upgrade resources is here - Learn More!

4.  Download Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 today and start testing the upgrade in your test environment! - Learn More!

5.  New hardware may be needed!  Check out the System Requirements! - Learn More!

6.  Thinking about implementing the latest SharePoint version for Business Portal or Workflow? Check out the System Requirements for our web applications! - Learn More!

7.  Wondering about what new technology is required for the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010? - Learn More!

8.  Review the upgrade manual for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010!  The steps apply to the new release of Microsoft Dynamics GP right around the corner!   - Learn More!

9.  Do you use Business Portal, Web Services or Workflow? Review the latest upgrade manual for each product! - Learn More!

10.  Do you use FRx today?  How about a sneak peak into Management Reporter? - Learn More!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade!
1.  Each new release has new features to help your business and users be more efficient and effective.

2.  New functionality added in existing modules that you currently use and new modules that you have not implemented.

3.  Continued tighter integration with the investments you already own such as Office, SharePoint and SQL Server Reporting Services.

4.  You can get connected with Connect in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and all later releases!  Connect allows you to view all the latest blogs, CustomerSource News and hot tips from the Microsoft Technical Support Team right within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

5.  Keeping up-to-date with releases ensures you can download the latest service packs, hotfixes and payroll compliance upgrades for your Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.

Your Action Items!
1.  Take full advantage of Convergence! If you are going to Convergence this year, you will learn more about the exciting new features and functionality in the next release of Microsoft Dynamics GP! Go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP booth at the Expo to talk to the experts!

2.  Talk to your Partner!   Your Partner has a wealth of upgrade experience and they can get you started in the right direction.

3.  Gather your "Upgrade Team"! Upgrades involve many people in your organization from your IT Staff, to your End Users to Management.  Start getting your "Upgrade Team" on board and start your project plan today!