Backordered kits and components on sales invoices

You may have noticed a recent change to the way kits and components are handled when you transfer a backordered kit item from an order to an invoice. Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SP4 and GP2010, when you marked the "Allow all Back Ordered Items to Print on Invoice" and you transferred an order to an invoice with a kit that had backordered components, you would see the kit item on the invoice. Now on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SP4 and GP2010 you see the component items instead.

The reason for this change is that we cannot allow the Kit Item itself to be transferred to the Invoice. The reason for this is Kit quantities cannot be changed after they are added as a line item. Transferring the Kit to an invoice when it is fully backordered means we have to change the quantity to zero on the Invoice, however, Kits are not allowed to have a Quantity of zero and still have component items associated with them. Once we allow a fully backordered item to transfer to an Invoice as an exception item, we also allow the user to change quantities if they desire. We give a warning but do not stop the user from doing this. This can cause an issue since Kits cannot be allowed to have their quantities changed. Changing quantities on the Kit Components themselves can be done. Therefore, the components are transferred to an invoice.

If you do not want the components to transfer, you would need to do one of the following.

1. Unmark the “Allow All Back Ordered Items to Print on Invoice” option in your Sales Document Setup. With this option unmarked, you would not see your backordered items on the invoice or when you print the invoice.

2. Unmark the option "Allow invoicing of unfulfilled or partially fulfilled orders" option in your Sales Document Setup. This option is used if you have the Use Separate Fulfillment check box marked. If you don't mark this option, you won't be able to invoice an order that hasn't been completely allocated and fulfilled.

3. Mark the Ship Complete check box on your sales document during entry. This is used if the customer doesn’t accept partial shipments of Sales Order Processing documents. Partial line item quantities won’t be transferred in Sales Order Processing if the customer doesn’t accept partial shipments.


Rhonda S.