Building Your Software-Plus-Services Business - Partner Hosted

Evaluating different ways of growing your business? Looking to capitalize on the growing demand for hosted solutions? Deliver a unique on-demand service to the market and improve your strategic relevance with Microsoft Dynamics.

Today, we face an exciting shift in our industry. Technology breakthroughs are transforming the way technology solutions are created, delivered and used. The line between consumer and business use of technology is continuing to blur, and people have come to expect the same functionality and user experience at work and at home. Simply put, individuals and businesses need a seamless “it just works” computing experience.

Microsoft’s approach for the next generation of computing is known as software-plus-services. By bringing together the best of both software and services, Microsoft maximizes capabilities, choice and flexibility for its customers. The power of local client and/or server software combined with the community, and the fact that the nature of services is that they’re “always current,” will beat software-only or service-only approaches. The shift toward delivery models that combine on-premise software with hosted services is part of a continuum that will grow over time, with a focus on how hybrid solutions can empower customers with richer applications and more choices, and provide partners of all sizes with greater business opportunities.

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