'Fix-It' Solutions available for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

'Fix- It's' are automated solutions that you can run to help troubleshoot various common issues and error messages in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  Just use the link below to sign into CustomerSource to view a list of Knowledge Base (KB) articles that contain 'Fix-It' solutions.  Within the KB article, there are alternate resolutions given where one method will show you how to do it yourself, and the other method will have you click a "Fix-It" button.  The "Fix-It" button will just run the SQL scripts for you to locate the problem records and does not actually resolve the issue.  The user would still have to research the resulting records returned and manually correct them.  

https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/support/selfsupport/hottopics/msdy_fixitsoltions.htm?printpage=falseSecure Link

For example, if a batch is stuck (in any module such as Payables Management or Receivables Management) with a status of Posting, Receiving, Busy, Marked, Locked or Edited, or just stuck in Batch Recovery and won't come out or free up, you can click on KB 850289 for assistance.  In the Resolution section, Option 1 is to 'Fix it for me'.  Simply click the Fix-It button and it will prompt you to open an .msi file.  The .msi file will run and prompt you for a DataSource, Login User Name, Password, Company and Batch name.  The batch should now be set back to Available status.   In the KB article, Option 2 is 'Let me fix it myself'.  This step tells the user how to open SQL Server Management Studio and provides the scripts to run against the SQL tables to manually free up the batch to achieve the same results. 

I hope these Fix-It Solutions will be helpful to you in the future to assist in troubleshooting any of the issues listed on the link above.


Cheryl W | Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP - Financials | Microsoft Support