Having the module 'Payment Document Management' installed could cause Performance Issues in Purchasing and Sales in US installs of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Payment Document Management is a module that allows you to enter sales and purchasing transactions using payment methods other than check, cash or credit card. This is typically used in other countries other than the U.S.  It is used to accept non-cash transactions and other instruments of sale where you have one checkbook act as a holding account for your actual checkbook.  Consequently, it will change the view and functionality of Cash Receipts in Receivables Management and Manual Payments in Payables Management.  For example the check/card number field is a required field in the Cash Receipts Entry window if you have this product installed and enabled.  

Typically, you do not need this module installed in a US install.  So if you have a US install and find that a cash receipt doesn't save, the distribution accounts do not default in, or other performance issues with a payment in Purchasing or Sales, be sure to check your Dynamics.set file to see if you have the module 2150-Payment Document Management installed and remove it.  For steps on how to remove it from the Dynamics.set file, or what some other symptoms may be by having this module installed, please refer to KB #2468048 using the link below:

2468048 - Performance issues with manual payments in Payables Management or cash receipts in Receivables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP



Cheryl W | Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP - Financials | Microsoft Support