Information about Check Links for Analytical Accounting in Microsoft Dynamics GP

It is not recommended to run the Check Links process on Analytical Accounting (AA) at this time (in GP 10.0 and GP 2010).  The check links process may cause potential data loss for AA code assignments or other AA records if damaged data still exists in the AA tables from previous quality issues. 

If you are using AA, it is encouraged to be on the latest service pack so you have all the recent fixes. (A number of quality issues found in AA were fixed in SP4 and SP5 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, and RTM and SP1 for GP 2010.) Use the links below to download the latest patch releases for GP 10.0 and GP 2010:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Link

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Link

Note:  If you have any issues in AA where you think you have a need to run check links for AA, please open a new support incident with Microsoft Dynamics GP Support to address the specific issue instead.

Cheryl W | Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP - Financials | Microsoft Support