Items continuing to print on the IV reconcile report for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Here is some great information on the IV reconcile report when Manufacturing is loaded.


You consistently see the same allocation adjustments on your IV Reconcile report even though there were no changes for the items. If you are registered for our Manufacturing products the Inventory Reconcile could be working as designed.

Let me give you a scenario to help illustrate:

  1. Let's say you have a SOP Order document with item ABC (buy item) (or makes – doesn’t matter) that is allocated for 1 quantity.
  2. There are no documents in Manufacturing for this item.
  3. Now IV reconcile is run and you get the following reports:

1streport: Reconcile report details:

The Allocation Quantity has been adjusted from 0 to 1 (for All Site)

The Allocation Quantity has been adjusted from 0 to 1 (for Warehouse)

When Manufacturing is installed you get 2 other reports after the main reconcile report. (Picklist Reconcile Inventory Allocation Report and Picklist Reconcile report). In this scenario these two reports are blank.

If you were to run the IV reconcile process again you will notice the same information on the report. This item shows on the 1st IV reconcile report over and over and over every time you reconcile even though there is no change in the tables.

The questions we receive are:

“Is this correct”.

“Is there something wrong or damage in the tables?”

“Nothing is changing so why should it show on the report again?”

Note: If you disable the MFG code the information above doesn’t print at all on the 1st report.

The answer is that if you have Manufacturing loaded it’s working as designed.

More information:

When the reconcile is run and manufacturing has been installed, there are three reports which the user will be prompted to print. Let me talk through these reports as a way of explaining the processing.

1. When manufacturing is loaded, the allocated quantity for items is set to zero (literally).

2. The first report is the Inventory Reconcile Report. Prior to the printing of the report, the system does the basic inventory reconcile. This includes verifying the allocated and on hand quantities within the core Great Plains application. The report should show the allocated quantities being increased from zero to the appropriate quantity to reflect the transactions within core Great Plains (modules such as Inventory, Sales Order Processing, and Purchase Order Processing would have an effect).

3. The second report is the Picklist Reconcile Inventory Allocation Report. After the reconcile completes in the core, it switches to the additional code provided by the manufacturing series. The pick documents are read and the allocated quantity from manufacturing is used to adjust (increase) the allocations for each item.

4. The third report is the Picklist Reconcile Report. There are a few different tables used to store the pick documents in manufacturing. The records in these tables are compared and based upon the differences, the tables may be adjusted to ensure accuracy. This process may result in a change to the quantity issued for a particular MO.

As a result, items that have allocations will ALWAYS print on the first report every time no matter if there is a change in allocation quantities or not due to number 1. This is the way that Manufacturing does process the reconcile. The idea is that it is difficult to summarize all allocations from core and then the allocations from manufacturing together and compare those to the allocations in the IV00102 table. So instead we zero out the allocations, and then the reconcile sums up the quantity allocated for core and compares to zero (in IV00102) and then makes the update to the IV00102. Then manufacturing calculates it’s allocations. However a comparison is not necessary, Manufacturing just does an increase of the value in the IV00102 by the additional allocations in the manufacturing tables. If it were not done this way, then manufacturing would somehow have to store the allocations that came from the core GP modules.


Hope this helps explain why we continue to see some items printing over and over on the 1st report when no change has been made for the item.

| Technical Lead, Microsoft Dynamics GP