Looking for a Faster Resolution to Your Technical Support Incidents? Find Out More NOW!!!

Are you tired of sending in error log after error log to the Technical Support Team for review?  Are you tired of having to find your IT Team to ask what version of Microsoft SQL Server you are running or if you have the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP service pack installed?  If you answered YES to questions above, then I have the solution for you! 

Microsoft Dynamics GP Diagnostics!!

What is a diagnostic?
A diagnostic is a data collector that searches your system for specific information and collects that information to upload to a secure location.  The information is then attached to the technical support incident you just opened for review by the Technical Support Engineer.

What information does the diagnostic collect?
The diagnostics available today assist in troubleshooting all areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as focus on specific areas such as Business Portal, Web Services and Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrades.  In general, each diagnostic gathers the following information:

1. Version information of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL Server and Operating Systems
2. Troubleshooting logs such as the Dexsql.log, install logs and event viewer logs
3. Specific results from the Microsoft Dynamics GP databases.

The following are the current diagnostics that are available today:

1. Microsoft Dynamics GP Baseline Diagnostic - Click HERE to see what is collected!
2. Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services Diagnostic - Click HERE to see what is collected!
3. Microsoft Dynamics GP Upgrade Diagnostic - Click HERE to see what is collected!
4. Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal Diagnostic - Click HERE to see what is collected!

How do I run a diagnostic?
When you submit an online technical support request, the following window is presented to you with your case number and the Microsoft Diagnostic Tool.  Follow the steps on the screen to collect and send the diagnostics results to the Technical Support Team. A wizard will quickly and easily guide you through the diagnostic data collection and upload process.

 Top 5 Benefits of Running a Diagnostic!
1. Save Time! - You no longer have to take the time to search your machine for required logs or track down your IT Team for Microsoft SQL Server information.
2. Faster Incident Resolution! - With just a few clicks to run the diagnostics, you can provide the Technical Support Team with a wealth of information to resolve your incident FASTER!!
3. Less Downtime!   With faster incident resolution, you can quickly get back working in Microsoft Dynamics GP and not be delayed during the troubleshooting process.
4. Incident Resolution in the FIRST RESPONSE! - You have the potential for case resolution in the FIRST RESPONSE from the Technical Support Team when you provide the diagnostic information upon incident creation.
5. Assists in System Maintenance! - Diagnostics gather version information of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft SQL Server and your Windows Operating Systems.  The Technical Support Engineers can then alert you if the systems are not up-to-date with the latest service packs or hotfixes.