Microsoft Dynamics GP and Kerberos: Do You Need It?

If you have deployed the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services reports for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you may have run across a situation where the reports would only render and return data from certain servers/workstations.  If so, you are likely running into a situation where Kerberos Authentication is required. 

Often times the need for Kerberos authentication will be highlighted by the follow errors in the report viewer web parts in Business Portal 5.1 where your SSRS reports are supposed to be displayed:

“The Request Failed with HTTP Status 401: Unauthorized”

An example of this error is found in the screenshot below:


If you have experienced this error or you just want to verify if you need to configure Kerberos Authentication in your environment you can review the following How To document:



You can match your environment to the examples given in this document to determine if you need to implement Kerberos Authentication or if there is a potential workaround.  The article also provides an example of how you would implement Kerberos Authentication that you can follow in your own environment.

If you need in-depth assistance with Kerberos configuration you can contact SQL Server support at


Lucas M