Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Concur Import

Concur Standard, Professional, and Premier are Web-based solutions that automate each step of the expense reporting process. Concur is integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics GP financial management solution through the use of Concur Expense Integrator.

A common question that we receive in regards to Microsoft Dynamics GP and the Concur Import is the following:  Will you help me with the Concur setup window as I cannot get the import to work correctly?

Oftentimes, we find that the customer is using Concur Standard.  Concur Standard is a little bit different than the Professional and Premier offerings, as this gives you the ability to create your own file extract definition.  The Standard Edition only has 25 possible columns, but we need to end up with a 77 column comma separated import file, which the Concur Expense Integrator tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP is expecting.  To do this, you will end up having a lot of blank fields for columns that are not used in the source file.  Another requirement is that the file extension must end with .cgl (Company Check) or .igl (Individual Bill/Company Pay). If you are attempting to set this up, you will want to utilize the APGL File Layout (in Appendix A of the Concur Expense.pdf) which is the file definition that you will need to match with the extract definition that was created.  This is the file format that the Concur Expense Integrator Tool is designed to consume.

If you are having trouble mapping the remaining segments of your accounts you need to know where these are in your source file, if you look at the setup window for mapping the segments there are 6 possibilities (Employee Info 1, Employee Info 2, Employee Info 3, Custom 1, Custom 2, and Cost Center) which translates to columns 17,18,19, 64, 65, and 22 respectively. 

I hope that this helps you to successfully integrate your Concur Expense data with Microsoft Dynamics GP.