NOW AVAILABLE MSFT DYNGP10 SP3 Technical Demonstration Toolkit/VPC!!!

Hello GP Partners


It is with GREAT EXCITEMENT that we are announcing the availability of the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SP3 Technical Demonstration Toolkit/VPC!!!


This has been an enormous project!! I am very proud and thankful of the work from all who have made this project a reality. There is no question, this is the BEST Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 VPC we have released yet!!


Here is the link to the download page on PartnerSource:


Here are just some highlights of the new Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SP3 VPC:


Applications Upgraded/Installed:

  • Upgraded to Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 3
  • Upgraded to the Microsoft Dynamics GP January 2009 Hot-fix (KB961224)
  • Upgraded to Workflow Service Pack 2
  • Upgraded to Web Services Service Pack 3
  • Dexterity 10.0 and Service Pack 3 for Dexterity
  • Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 and Service Pack 3 for Visual Studio Tools
  • MAP, Monitor, Analytics and Planning (Formerly Business Scorecard Manager and ProClarity)
  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 and Service Pack 1
  • Upgraded to FRx Service Pack 10 and Hot-fix 3
  • Upgraded to FRx Forecaster Service Pack 2
  • Upgraded to Integration Manager Service Pack 3
  • Upgraded to Business Portal 4.0 Service Pack 2 For Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0
  • Upgraded Dundas Data Visualization (certain aspects)

o Upgraded Dundas Chart for Reporting Services for 2008 2.2

  • Position Control (Human Resources and Payroll) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 3
    • New demo data also included
  • Upgraded the Advanced Human Resources and Payroll Modules to Service Pack 3 (i.e.: PTO Manager, Benefit Self Service, Advanced Human Resources, Advanced Payroll and Payroll Extensions)
  • Upgraded Personal Data Keeper (PDK) to Service Pack 2
  • Added the “Shopping Cart Analysis”/Data Mining tools for Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Added 3 sample Extender Demos (Templates – Rental Examples, Software Examples and Subscription Examples)
  • Created Audit Trails Example (GL Account Master)
  • E – Signatures Installed but not configured (performance reasons)
  • Upgraded to the full version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007
  • Added additional Software Development Kits (SDK’s):

o Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Service Pack 3 SDK

o eConnect Service Pack 3 SDK

o Web Services Service Pack 3 SDK

o Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 SDK

o Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications SDK – February 2007

o Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK 1.2

o Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SDK

o Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP SDK

o Windows Mobile 6 Professional SDK

o Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SDK

· Added 95+ SmartList Builder Templates (Please reference the HowtoUsetheMSDynGP10SP3TechnicalDemonstrationToolkit.docx

As always we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE all of you to download and read/review the documentation associated with the new VPC. We have significantly revamped the documentation to only help you better understand this new VPC and to improve your overall demos! IMPORTANT: This new VPC will have two .vhd files. They are: MSFTDynGP10SP3.vhd and MSFTDynGP10SP3 Pagefile.vhd. The pagefile .vhd is used for additional performance improvements. You MUST also utilize the MSFTDynGP10SP3.vmc (Virtual machine console file) file (Please review page #3 of the “How To Setup” document on the download page to properly use this VPC image.)

All of the demo scripts that are posted on this download page (from the link above) have been tested against the new VPC. We have not tested any of the older demonstration scripts. However, the older scripts may still work with the new VPC. In FY10, look for a new IT demonstration script. We are also considering the creation of new Demo2Win! Field Service, Project Accounting and Manufacturing demonstration scripts as well.

This new VPC has been uploaded to VM Express as well.

In the August/September timeframe, we will be releasing a differencing disk with the Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 SP4. No additional improvements, just the SP install.

We will then take a few weeks off from building images, and then turn our focus to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 11.0 VPC/Technical Demonstration toolkit. This project will be built from scratch/from the ground up. It will NOT be an upgrade of the current Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 series of vpc’s. A beta VPC image for GP11.0 will likely be available in the winter of 2009/2010 and then a GA image will likely be available at Convergence 2010.


Happy Demoing.