Prevent Users from keying incorrect Document Dates in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Did you know there is a FREE tool in the Professional Services Library (PSTL) that will alert users when they key an invalid document date on a transaction?   How great would that be to not have to void documents due to an invalid date keyed. 

In PSTL, you will see a tool named DOC DATE VERIFY under the Misc. Tools section.  With this installed, when the user keys a document date in Payables Transaction Entry, Receivables Transaction Entry, Invoice Entry, PM Manual Payment Entry, SOP Entry, IV Transaction Entry or Cash Receipts Entry, a check will be performed against the Company Fiscal Period setup to ensure the date is valid.  If the document date does not exist within the valid fiscal period setup, a message will pop up for the user that reads “A fiscal period for this date has not been set up.”  If a date is keyed for a closed period, the message will read “You cannot post to a date within a closed period. Do you want to continue?” So the user will be alerted with a pop up message in both instances, but may elect to continue on past the message.  This will help users to catch any incorrect document dates keyed due to typing errors.

Customers:  Please contact your Partner for assistance to install the Professional Services Tools library.  PSTL is no longer available for download via CustomerSource.

Parnters:  Please use this link to find out more information about using PSTL:


Thank you!

Cheryl Waswick | Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP Support