Recommending to apply the Dynamics GP 2010 June hotfix release if using Project Accounting

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a minute to call out the fact that there are 15 quality reports that have been addressed in the June 2010 hotfix for GP 2010 that relate to Project Accounting.  So if you are a PA user, make sure to get on this latest code to take advantage of these fixes.  One of the quality reports that has been a popular call generator that is now fixed is where the Total Billings amount is incorrect in Billing Entry if you delete a project off of the invoice. So if you have seen that, load the update and you won’t see it happen anymore!

The other thing I want to mention is that if you are also a Personal Data Keeper (PDK) user, make sure that the version of PDK you are using is compatible with GP.  With the June hotfix installed, the GP version is 11.00.1799 so you will need to be on the latest PDK version as well -- 11.00.1719.  Now if you upgrade your version of PDK and are unable to get in because you receive this error:

FP: Bad component offset.Form: 26Wind: 1Fld: 66
Unhandled script exception: Illegal address for field 'Account Number in script 'Setup_Account_Format'. Script Terminated

Then do these steps to take care of it:

1. Close PDK.
2. Find the location where PDK is installed. The default is Program Files>>Microsoft Dynamics>>Personal Data Keeper.
3. Find the Dex.ini file and right click on it and choose Open.
4. Find the line that says:


5. Change it to say:


6. Save and close the file.
7. Launch PDK and it should synchronize. When finished it should give you a message that it has synchronized and to close PDK and re-launch. Click OK and PDK will close.
8. Launch PDK again and you should be able to login as normal.
9. You will need to repeat these steps for each workstation where you installed the service pack.

Happy updating!

Pam Peterson | Sr. Technical Lead | Microsoft Dynamics GP