Reports and Forms Updates with Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Compliance Updates

As many of you already know, it is payroll year end update time. In addition to everything else that goes along with this, I want to remind you that it IS necessary to upgrade the modified forms and reports for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product following the database update process.  Please review the below steps to ensure that you successfully upgrade your modified forms and reports for the product of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

1) After the database update process is finished and is successful, the Additional Tasks window opens.

2)  In the Additional Tasks window, choose Update modified forms and reports and click Process. The Locate Launch File window appears.

3) Select the location of the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch file (Dynamics.set). In most cases you can accept the default location.  Click Next. The Update Modified Forms and Reports window appears.

4) Mark the check box next to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

5) When you mark a component’s check box, a Product Details window may appear, allowing you to select the location of the component’s original code dictionary.  You also can open the Product Details window by selecting a component and clicking Details.

When you apply an update (.msp file), any dictionaries whose compatibility ID has changed are backed up to a folder named “Version<VersionNumber>Backup”. This folder is located in the same folder as Dynamics.exe.  The <Version Number> value is the version you were using before applying the update.

If the original dictionary exists in the backup folder, Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities will automatically display its location in the Product Details window, and you can click OK to accept the location. If the location is missing or incorrect, click the file folder icon and browse to the appropriate location.

6) When you have finished selecting components, click Update. A Report Upgrade Progress window displays the status of the update. When the process finishes, click Close.

Log files containing detailed information about the update are saved in the \Data folder. For each component, a report named “Update<Version_Name>.log” is generated. An update summary named “Update<Version>.txt” is also generated.

7) In the Modified Forms and Reports window, click Next. The Additional Tasks window opens, where you can start Microsoft Dynamics GP, or exit Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities.

8) We recommend that you start Microsoft Dynamics GP and print all your modified forms and reports, to verify they were updated correctly.