SafePay Transactions Upload window does not populate in Microsoft Dynamics GP

SafePay allows the customer to generate a list of checks and voids (from Payables Management and Payroll) that they can upload to the bank.  When a check is presented to the bank to be cashed, the bank will compare the amount and information on the check to the uploaded SafePay file, as a security and fraud prevention measure.

In Microsoft Dynamics GP, the user can generate the upload file to send to the bank, if they have purchased SafePay.  However, we have received several support incidents where the SafePay Transactions Upload window is blank and does not populate in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  If it's the user's first time using SafePay, we often find they are not registered for the Bank Reconciliation module.   However, if the user has been using SafePay for some time, we usually find that the check has already been uploaded and it will not upload again. The check can only be uploaded once to the bank.

Here is a running list of potential reasons why the SafePay Transactions Upload window is completely blank:

  • The checkbook ID that the check was generated in is not linked to the Bank Upload ID in SafePay.
  • The check date does not fall within the Last Upload Date and Upload Cutoff Date range specified in the SafePay-Transactions Upload window.
  • The checks have already been uploaded. Review the SafePay Transactions History window for the check number.
  • The Customer is not registered for the Bank Reconciliation module. Note: The CM20200 table will be empty if they are not registered for Bank Reconciliation.
  • The default 'DD' prefix was removed from the Next Earnings Statement Number (ie. Direct Deposit number) in Payroll, so the system treats all checks with the same beginning digit as direct deposits and does not include them in the SafePay upload.
  • A third party product may be interfering.  Disable any 3rd party products and test again. 

For more information or steps on how to review the above causes, please refer to Knowledge Base article # 2708664

Thank you,

Cheryl Waswick | Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP Support -Financials