Unhandled object exception error when you reconcile to General Ledger in a translated language

We sometimes have issues between translated Microsoft Dynamics GP and what language of Microsoft Office Products you as a customer can use.
In the past we have tried to fix some of these error message and make it easier to have multiple languages installed.

Below is an example of a customer on a French client of Microsoft Dynamics GP and a French Microsoft Excel and a user goes to process the General Ledger Reconcile and you receive an ugly error when going to Microsoft Excel.

Here is some options/workarounds you can easily do to alleviate the issue.  The problem we have is to keep Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Excel formats in synch.
We have changed our code to put this "format" in a message string so it is easier to change / fix without having to wait for a service pack.

1. If the customer has an English Microsoft Excel, it will work with no error.

2. You can add the format that Microsoft Dynamics GP is expecting to Microsoft Excel.  I'm sure you are all smarter than me on Microsoft Excel to add a customized format and save it so each time the Microsoft Excel workbook opens, it has this format in it.
The format we need to add to Microsoft Excel is this       #,##0.00_);[Couleur3](#,##0.00)

3. Change the format in Microsoft Dynamics GP in the message.  To do this, you need modifier, in your registration keys.

Here are the steps to modify the message:

a. Go to Tools | Customize | Modifier keep the default of Microsoft Dynamics GP
b. Click Resources
c. Then Messages
d. Put in message number 9653
e. Put in a format that is in your Microsoft Excel, for example I used this one, use what you want.  As long as the format is in Microsoft Excel, it will work.

# ##0,00

Save out and go back to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  By doing this, it just created a form.dic in your install folder if you did not have one prior.

Now the process should run without error.

Hope this helps our French clients trying to use the solution.

Terry Heley