Word Templates - When emailing documents as PDF, a save as window opens and email fails

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In this case, the client was set up to email purchase orders as pdf files.  Whenever they attempted to email, they would receive a Microsoft Word Save As Dialog box.  Then, it didn't matter whether they saved or cancelled, they would receive the following message:

"You must have the Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS Add-in for 2007 Microsoft Office installed to send documents"

And the email would not send.  The client was using Office 2010, so the message wasn't accurate.  It also indicates that the problem is with the creating of the PDF file.  After investigation, we narrowed the problem down to the template the client was using. The original template worked and did email fine.  Once we knew it was the template, I got the template and report in house and was able to replicate the issue.  In looking at the template, there is a text box inserted and inside that text box is an email address.  This is what is causing the problem.  I removed the text box from the template and it started emailing immediately. 

This text box was inserted by going to Insert>Text Box and typing text.  Our templates don’t currently support this. Instead, what you need to do is just click in an existing row/cell and enter text. You may need to split cells if there isn't a cell available.  Once we removed the text box and typed in the text we wanted in the same location, things started working for the client. 

Dave Dusek