Getting Ready for Release!

There are now 26 days until the release of Microsoft Dynamics Mobile 2008! The team is working really hard on completing the work and is looking forward to shipping this product. The main theme of the release is integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 SP3 and 5.0 SP1. With this expansion, we believe that we enable a lot more of our customers with the ability to start working with these cool things.

The last steps towards release is stabilization, where we focus on quality assurance and meeting all requirements of releasing software. We believe that we have a very stable product! We have chosen to incorporate Mobile Sales Tasklets into our Mobile Framework to make it complete. This way, we provide a toolset that lets you focus on only the Mobile Framework if you wish to develop your own applications. We are also conducting the last reviews of our documentation so that we can better provide help and support.

This last phase is very focused and the team is highly motivated as to get this out of the door. We will release on PartnerSource on March 31, 2008.

We have also started to work on the next release and I can share with you that we are very excited. We are currently in the scoping phase but the release will without a doubt broaden our implementation. We will keep you posted!