Microsoft Dynamics Forbes Blog Series – Love Your Work

Special guest blogger, Kelly Rigotti – Social Media Marketing Manager, Microsoft Dynamics, shares information today on this exciting initiative.

The overarching theme for this blog series centers around people – people who enjoy their work and feel like they're making a difference in their jobs. This theme is based on the belief that at the heart of every business are the people who make things happen. People garner insight from business applications to drive decisions that advance the organization. People use business applications to optimize resources and corporate effectiveness. People manage relationships internally and externally to drive relevant actions forward. The most successful businesses are powered by individuals who contribute fully, bringing all their unique skills and experience to their jobs, and go home at the end of the day feeling as though they’ve made a real difference. These people help build stronger customer, supplier, community and investor relationships and feel more committed to and more a part of the company’s success. Therefore, focusing on people and how they work is key to transforming a business and the right business applications have a fundamental role to play in impassioning individuals in the organization and inspiring them to bring greater innovation, commitment, energy and productivity to their jobs.

The series is called “Love Your Work” and it can be found at The Microsoft Dynamics business group will post twice a week, and contributors include people like Craig Dewar, David Pennington and Marie Huwe (so far), with Michael Park, Kirill Tatarinov, Dennis Michalis, Fred Studer and more, to come.

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