Want to drive profitable growth in your business? The Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR Program may be just the ticket.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Microsoft Dynamics Master VAR program. This program provides a unique opportunity for partners to align with a well-capitalized, growth-oriented Microsoft Dynamics partner that has been selected by Microsoft as a Master VAR. Partners that choose to work with a Master VAR will be able to leverage centralized marketing, support, operations and training at the Master VAR level thereby reducing costs and accelerating sales. This program is the only channel collaboration model that is officially endorsed by Microsoft and it is currently only available in the United States.

Program Benefits

Jeff Edwards 2009 01Factors such as the economy, shifts in customer buying behavior and disruptive innovation like the cloud have forced customers and partners to rethink their strategies. The Master VAR program enables partners to work together to face these challenges. By consolidating difficult-to-scale activities and pooling resources, Master VARs and their associated Sales Affiliates can collaborate to compete more effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile, since Sales Affiliates remain independent businesses, they can retain their entrepreneurial spirit, their leadership and the customer relationships that are the cornerstone of their success.

Sales Affiliates benefit by leveraging shared resources as well as broad expertise available across the Master VAR’s Sales Affiliate network. This frees up resources and enables Sales Affiliates to focus on what they do best, whether it’s sales, technical services, or managing customer relationships.

Next steps

Master VAR candidates are currently being evaluated and will be announced shortly. Their contact information will be made available for partners interested in pursuing collaboration opportunities. If you are interested in working with a Master VAR or have questions, please review “What It Means for You” (must be a current Microsoft Dynamics partner to access).

If you are interested in becoming a Master VAR, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Operating capital of no less than US $1,000,000
  • No less than US $500,000 in gross license revenue recognized by Microsoft in the previous 12 month period as a result of your SPA
  • A 90% or greater BREP revenue recapture rate in the previous 12 month period
  • Additional criteria and ongoing requirements as outlined in the Master VAR Addendum to the SPA
  • Please review the Master VAR evaluation and enrollment process for more details (must be a current Microsoft Dynamics partner to access)

If you have additional questions on participating in the program, please email:  MasterVAR@microsoft.com.

Jeff Edwards
Director of Channel Strategy, Microsoft Business Solutions
Microsoft Corporation