ECP: Jobs are not displayed in device console?

Issue: Dimensions are not getting applied due to reboot added in config jobs


Description: There is reboot added in configure dimension jobs. After the reboot the dimensions are not applied and ECP jobs do not get displayed in device console. ECP Node – umbuss.sys driver is created only 5 minutes after reboot. As soon as machine gets rebooted, wttsvc service reruns the gatherer and fails due to missing ECP Node driver.



  1. Make wttsvc service to manual.
  2. Apply desired MCU policy to machine pool, this will reboot the machine
  3. After reboot wait for ECP Node creation (5 minutes) and then start wttsvc.

Step 3 is applicable whenever machine gets rebooted.

Machine will get rebooted:

  • whenever first job is scheduled as it runs "WDK prepare client for submission".
  • whenever dimensions are applied i.e. when machine is removed and moved back to the machine pool


Ujjawal Bagga

Windows Networking

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