How can I download the ECP methods from the Web?

There are two options with which you can download and install an ECP method:

I. Catalog Update Pages from Microsoft


Please follow the steps mentioned below to search the certified ECP methods:

a. Navigate to the following link: (User may need to enable and install the activex control for the webpage)

b. In the search field type the name of the vendor. For e.g., for EAP-FAST, type Cisco Systems.

a. All the ECP methods from respective vendors are displayed that can be downloaded and installed directly from the web page itself.

b. From the search result, choose the method available from the respective vendor and click on Add button corresponding to the vendor/method.

c. Use the above step to add all the required/desired methods to the download basket

d. Click on the view basket to download/install the method.

e. Click on download button.

f. From the new browser window, click the Browse button and select the location of the destination path.

g. Click on continue button

h. Wait for the download to complete and click the close button.

i. Use the Setup wizard for the method downloaded in install/setup the method.

II. Windows Update

Find the detailed step-by-step procedure to install the ECP method from Windows Update at the following location: