What do I need to do as a partner to participate in the EAP Certification Program (ECP)?

The diagram highlights the steps that a partner would need to go through for participating in the ECP program:-



The logical steps are as follows:

  1. Prep Phase: The partner evaluates the ECP Program, convinces himself about the value add in participating in ECP. Evaluates the ECP test cases. Does the Setup
  2. Test Phase: In this phase the partner runs the test ensures all the test cases are passed. This is likely to be an iterative process, in case there are some failures. Microsoft commits in being helpful to resolve the failures .
  3. Submission Phase: After running the test cases successfully Partner needs to submit the test result logs CPK file in winqual site https://winqual.microsoft.com/default.aspx. To do so the partner needs to create an account in this site. Partner may optionally choose make the certified modules available through windows update to have a good deployment story for the certified module. Making the certified module available through the windows update however will be guided entirely by the business interest of the partner.
  4. Evaluation Phase: When the CPK file is evaluated by Microsoft. Microsoft may enter into a round of discussion and feedback with the partner to see if the certified module achieves the quality and functionality aspect of ECP. At the end this phase the certified module will be approved and will be made available through windows update (Optional)
  5. Maintenance and Servicing: This phase will see much lesser activity. In case there are some critical issues with the certified modules which hinders the business of the joint customers , the module may need to be updated and redistributed.